Frozen lobsters come back to life

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    BOSTON, Massachusetts (AP) -- A company says its freezing technique allows some lobsters to come back to life when thawed -- just in time to become dinner.

    Trufresh LLC, of Suffield, Connecticut, discovered that the method it has used for years on salmon also revived some lobsters after their subzero sojourns, potentially resulting in fresher-than-frozen crustaceans.

    The company is looking for partners to begin selling the lobsters commercially.

    Company chairman Barnet L. Liberman acknowledged only about 12 of roughly 200 healthy lobsters survived the freezing, which involves immersing the lobster in a brine 40 below zero.

    In addition, the company hasn't researched how long a frozen lobster can survive -- overnight is the longest period so far.

    Story from CNN
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