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    A judge ruled that a former security guard who was fired for seeing ghosts cannot be denied unemployment benefits. According to a court ruling released this week, the former guard's allegation of apparitions does not constitute misconduct.

    The issue started on Sept. 11, when Wade Gallegos alerted his supervisor at Neighborhood Patrol of Urbandale that ghosts were haunting a neighborhood he was guarding.

    The supervisor arrived at the scene, where Gallegos showed him where the ghosts were still apparently standing.

    The supervisor claimed he saw nothing and fired Gallegos five hours later.

    The company found no signs of drug use or alcohol.

    Neighborhood Patrol challenged Gallegos' application for unemployment benefits, arguing he was guilty of misconduct.

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    Oh those of little faith!! I am so glad this man was allowed unemployment,I've no doubt what he said is true..When I walk through our center hall I get a warm feeling (in my heart) knowing our sons Spirit was seen there.
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    My great aunt was watching TV the other afternoon, and she says that suddenly a woman appeared right in front of her. The woman was wearing a large brimmed hat, a dress down to the floor with a tightly cinched waist. The sleeves of the dress were puffy at the top and tight from the elbows down. The woman bent over to peer intently into Aunt Eva's eyes.......my poor Aunt Eva (88 years old) screamed "Oh, my Jesus!) and the woman let out a little yelp and disappeared......

    This is my grandma's little baby sister, she and my grandma are sassy southern women, very prim and proper. But they have premonitions all the time, a little touch of ESP with it.

    And now Aunt Eva sees ghosts!

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