GA - Anthony Littrean, 3, killed in hit & run, Norcross, 25 July 2005

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    A Lithia Springs woman whose son was killed by a hit-and-run driver in July was struck by a car herself on Saturday night. Jeneve Littrean was returning from the scene of the crash that killed her 3-year-old son, Anthony, when a car slammed into her vehicle on I-285 in Norcross, police said.

    "As I spun around in the middle of 285, I just kinda saw my life in front of me," said Littrean. "All the emotions came back, I was scared my daughter was going to die now too."

    Her car was totalled in the accident, but Littrean and her baby were not hurt, she said.

    Littrean was in Norcross looking for information in her son’s death.

    Anthony Littrean was staying with a family friend because his parents were at the hospital with his newborn sister. Early that morning, the toddler managed to wander outside the apartment and was struck and killed by a driver on Graves Road near the Old Mill Crossing Condominiums.

    Police said the driver was in a white foreign model sport utility vehicle.

    "All I want is an explanation, I don’t want to press charges, Just come forward because I need an explanation for myself," Jeneve Littrean said.

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    I feel so bad for this woman. Thank God her baby wasn't hurt. Maybe the road is a very busy one, but what a traumatic thing to have happen again after the horrible loss of her son.

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