GA - Ashley Stokes Plunkett, 19, found murdered, 21 June 2005

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    Ashley Stokes Plunkett should have turned 20 years old on Dec. 1.

    For her mother, Debbie Plunkett, the happiest part of the day was learning that someone had been arrested and charged with murdering her.

    is a measure of how upside down her world has become since her daughter died June 21 that Plunkett felt "elated" to hear the news from detectives at the DeKalb County Police Department.
    But her emotions took another turn when she learned that the suspect, Selwyn Henry of Decatur, had been released from his fifth stay in a Georgia prison just seven months earlier.

    Henry, 32, now is being held without bond in the DeKalb jail.

    Regardless of whether he is ultimately found guilty, Plunkett could not understand why he was a free man.

    "I thought it was three strikes and you were out. ... Why was he just repeatedly let out?" she wanted to know.

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