Recovered/Located GA- Genelle Sutton, aka Genelle Williams, 31, Columbus, 7 June 2019

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    blob:WTVM VIDEO

    31-year-old Columbus woman reported missing

    A 31-year-old Columbus woman has been reported missing.

    Genelle Sutton, also known as Genelle Williams, was last seen on June 7 in the area of Sycamore Dr., according to Columbus police.

    Sutton has short black hair with blonde or is wearing a long black wig. She also wears black-rimmed glasses.

    Sutton stands 5′5″ and weighs approximately 140 to 155 pounds.

    If you have any information on her whereabouts, you are asked to call 911 or contact the CPD Special Victims Unit at (706) 653-3449.


    WXTX-Fox 54
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    Her FB page:

    Her very first post names the person she is/was involved with, JW. It is interesting that his FB page has no pictures of her, but does have pictures of the same three children that Genelle's FB page features. I wonder who has been taking care of her children during these past 6 days.

    Another MSM source, but no new info:

    Columbus Police searching for missing woman
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