GA GA - James Schrader, Adult, Atlanta, 19 Sept 2017

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    ATLANTA -- Authorities are seeking a man last seen at the Whole Foods store on Ponce De Leon Avenue.

    According to Atlanta Police, James Schrader was reported missing by his family. The last contact they had with him was on Sept. 19.

    At the time Schrader was with his vehicle -- a 1998 white Ford Explorer with tag "RFZ7274".

    Schrader is known to request the Decatur area.

    Anyone who sees him is asked to contact Atlanta Police.

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    Photo from link above-[​IMG]
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    Sep 25, 2017

    James Schrader was reported missing by his family, September 22. Last contact that was made with Schrader was at a Whole Food Market in the 600 block of Ponce De Leon September 19, 2017.

    Schrader was with his vehicle at the time. His vehicle is a 1998 White Ford Explorer with license plate RFZ7274.

    Georgia man reported missing by family

    I'm not finding any updates.
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