GUILTY GA - Joy Morris, 47, raped & murdered, Lake Park, 1 Nov 2002

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    Slaying remains unsolved

    Author: Brianne Sweetland
    Publication Date: 2005-10-31

    VALDOSTA — Three years ago Halloween night, a Kentucky woman was strangled in her late-model Ford Mustang.

    Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office investigators are still looking for 47-year-old Joy Morris’ killer.

    “We followed up every lead, and we hadn’t been able to come up with anything,” Capt. J.D. Yeager said.

    Morris’ body was found Nov. 1, 2002. Her black Mustang was in a wooded grove behind the Best Western Motel off Interstate 75’s Exit 2.

    None of Morris’ belongings, including her purse, credit cards and jewelry, were disturbed.

    Morris and her husband operated a vehicle escort service for wide and oversized loads. She was scheduled to meet another load Nov. 2 at the T&A Truck Stop at Exit 2. She was last seen at the truck stop some time Halloween night. Her Mustang had a yellow “wide load” tag stripped across the rear bumper in large letters and a sign on the car door reading “Double M Escort Service.”

    Because of her job, Morris spent extensive time talking on the CB radio with truckers and others. Her handle was “Bright Eyes.”

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    Migrant Worker Sentenced to Life for Murder of Lowndes County Woman
    Much more at the link

    Suspect arrested in 2002 Lowndes murder
    Much more at the link

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