GA GA - Keosha Williams, 20 Columbus, 26 Dec 2013

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    Keosha Williams, 20, is a resident of Columbus, Georgia who was last seen on December 26th, 2013 with a man named..'Willie'. Williams lives in a group home and when she didn't return, a missing person's report was filed. A family member stated that Williams got into a physical altercation with another family member, and was supposed to go back to the group home, but Williams did not have transportation, so a man named Willie picked her up to take her back, but she hasn't been heard from since. Police do think that she is with the man named Willie.

    Height - 5' 5"
    Weight - 160 lbs.
    Williams is a light skinned black female with tattoo on her wrist that says Keosha, black hair, and brown eyes.

    Please call 911 if you have any information to her whereabouts.
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