GA GA - Macon, UnkPerson, headless body found in woods behind a Burger King, 13 June 2022


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Aug 2, 2021
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Coroner: Headless remains found behind Burger King in Macon – WGXA
Bibb County authorities are investigating after human remains were found behind a Burger King in Macon.

Coroner Leon Jones said the discovery was made Monday on Romeiser Drive, off of Eisenhower Parkway.

Jones said someone walking through the woods found the body and called 911.

No skull was located at the scene. Jones said bones and skin were what remained.

Because the body is embedded in the dirt, authorities will have to lift the remains out with the surrounding earth in order to preserve the evidence.

"We're going to need to get a shovel and dig around the body so we can get everything in the body bag so the GBI Crime Lab will have all of the body to process," he said.

Jones didn't have a time frame for how long the body may have been there.

"But we do know that this body has been here for a long time, that's it," he added.

Jones referred to the area as a crime scene.
Headless body found behind a Burger King in Georgia – WSB-TV
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The body had no skull and “hardly any extremities left” and was very badly decomposed, according to the coroner.

Officials said they were unable to determine race or gender, but there were a pair of men’s tennis shoes next to the body that would make them think the body was that of a man.
Satellite view of the Burger King and surrounding wooded area
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Well, there are access roads through the woods, so that's something.

It also seems to be a place only a local would know about....

There's a motel, a gas station, a church and a Hindu temple that also back onto this wood.

There are also 2 trailer parks further south, also surrounded by the woods.
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MACON, Ga. (AP) — Officials in a middle Georgia city are investigating after finding a much-decayed body lacking a skull.

Bibb County Coroner Leon Jones tells local news outlets that the body was found Monday in the woods on a Macon side street near an interchange with Interstate 475.

Jones said he wasn’t sure what the sex or the race of the person had been, with only bones and skin remaining. A pair of black tennis shoes were found nearby.

The coroner says he doesn’t know who found the body, because they only called 911 to report it.

Jones said that because the body is embedded in the soil, authorities will have to dig the dirt out around it to preserve any evidence and to make sure the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s crime lab has all of the body to examine.
Idk, I’m a bit confused, as usual down here…anyways maybe this might be part of the story. A second set was found to go with the body. Sorry if this article isn’t relative…

Pieces of a human skull found in a roadside ditch three months ago in eastern Bibb County may be those of a Macon man who vanished under suspicious circumstances nearly four years ago. John Lewis Fleming III went missing in mid-September of 2018. A few weeks later, a car he was thought to have been driving at the time of his disappearance was found abandoned — its interior blood-stained, with bullet shell casings inside it — near a warehouse off Broadway south of downtown. No other trace of his body ever surfaced.

However, the Telegraph has learned that bone fragments were discovered on March 28 by land surveyors along Riggins Mill Road near the Macon Downtown Airport are awaiting examination at a crime lab to determine whether they are Fleming’s remains

Law enforcement sources familiar with the investigation also said forensic analysts may use DNA from items that belonged to Fleming or, possibly, rely on familial DNA for comparison in their effort to determine whether the skull bones are Fleming’s. The sources said that the spot where the remains were found were in an area not far from where Fleming’s cellphone last “pinged.”

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