GA - Man holding woman, 11 children hostage in Decatur hotel *Rescued*


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BREAKING: Police involved in standoff with man holding woman, 11 children hostage in Georgia
Posted 5:10 am, January 5, 2016, by Maxie Gardner

DECATUR, Ga. – A SWAT team is currently in a standoff at an Atlanta-area hotel, according to the CBS affiliate in Atlanta. The standoff involved two adults and 11 children.

DeKalb County Police Major Tonya Dedrick says the situation began around 2 a.m. in a room at the Rite4Us Inn & Suites just off I-20 in Decatur, Georgia. She says the man holed himself up inside the room after a domestic dispute with a woman. Dedrick says the children may be in danger.
Police: Woman, 11 Children Held Hostage in DeKalb County
By: Kaitlyn Pratt
Fox5 Atlanta
Posted:Jan 05 2016 04:50AM EST - Updated:Jan 05 2016 06:55AM EST


Investigators told FOX 5 some sort of dispute took place inside and that's when the woman dialed 911. The man refused to open the door when officers arrived, according to police.

SWAT members moved in to surround the building in tactical gear as police blocked off the roadway around the Inn. Police said it's unclear if the man is armed, but he is communicating with authorities.
Dear God, please let LE take him without any casualties. ELEVEN children??? :(

Bessie, they updated your link again. Woman and kids safe, man stabbed himself but is in custody.

ETA: sorry, misread- CHILDREN are safe, nothing about the woman.
Just heard that on the news, Ellie. Thank goodness! My local news said the woman has been rescued, too.
UPDATE: Atlanta-area hostage situation over, 11 children safe
Posted 5:10 am, January 5, 2016, by Maxie Gardner, Updated at 06:33am, January 5, 2016


The reporter on the scene says all the children are out of the room and are safe.

There has been no word on the woman being held inside the room.

The man has been taken to the hospital by ambulance.
DeKalb police: Woman, 11 kids rescued after hostage situation
7:30 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2016 | Filed in: Local News

UPDATE: A police SWAT team has rescued a woman and 11 children who were held hostage at a DeKalb County hotel early Tuesday, DeKalb police told Channel 2.

The man police say held the woman and children hostage stabbed himself in the neck and was taken to a local hospital in critical condition, according to Channel 2.
Who's children?
11 in one room? No 13!
Thank god they are safe.
That was way to early in the morning for that kind of insanity.. That God the children are OK, I hope the woman's also
Were there missing children in that area? I'm assuming there would be? Who were the kids??
Dang another one happening this morning!
What is in the water.
I can't post a link but it's in Buford.

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