GA GA - Marquez Faling, Macon, 19 May 2002

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    Marquez Faling was murdered on May 19, 2002; he had been shot eight times. He was found on Estes Road although investigators believe his body was dumped there. The detective being interviewed doesn't reveal many details. He says that they recovered some clues from the scene and that they have spoken to individuals who may be part of the case. There is just not enough solid information to make an arrest. There were no witnesses and no suspects have ever been named.

    The link below includes a video interview with Marquez's mother and brother. It's evident that he had a special and close bond with both of them. They started a Facebook page, requesting anyone with information to contact the Bibb County Sheriff's Office. Hopefully someone will come forward with the information needed to solve this case.

    Middle Georgia Cold Cases: Shot in the Street

    Justice4Quez Facebook Page

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