GA - Rapper Young + others indicted on RICO & other charges, May 2022. Trial ongoing April 2023, interruptions, lawyer arrested. Fulton County.

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I just scrolled through William McCray's IG account. The juror said she had seen a video of the courtroom on his account in Oct. (BTW, she was not supposed to be looking at anything about the case in Oct). I found video that he shot of the monitor that shows the Zoom during jury selection.

3:55 PM · Dec 6, 2023

Here is a screenshot of an Oct. 16, 2023 video from William McCray's IG account, from the media room in the courthouse during jury selection in the #YSL case. Note: This video does not show jurors. It sounded like the juror saw herself on a courtroom camera today (not media camera) and she was concerned she was being shown having remembered she saw this video back in Oct on McCray's account.


It doesn't appear there's a problem with the spectator filming the juror, just that she thought it might be a possibility. The problem is going to be Judge Glanville will have to determine if juror #409 violated the rule not to read/see anything about the case. If she was just scrolling and didn't read/hear, probably not a problem.

4:06 PM · Dec 6, 2023

#YoungThugTrial: Judge Glanville to @YoungThug’s attorney, Brian Steel:“Mister Steel, I’d like to have one morning where you don’t rise … And I just go ahead and call my jury. Just one morning.”Brian Steel: “Not today.”Judge Glanville: “Alright, not today, ok, alright, just work on it, ok?”

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#YoungThugTrial: Prosecutor Adriane Love is once again absent from the courtroom with prosecutor Hylton and Brown taking the lead in today’s presentation. Investigator Stephen McKesay Is sworn and begins testimony at 10:31 AM ET.

10:34 AM · Dec 6, 2023
What did the judge mean by this?

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