GA - Rapper Young + others indicted on RICO & other charges, May 2022. Trial ongoing April 2023, interruptions, lawyer arrested. Fulton County.

NOTE: NEW CHANNEL LINK for #YoungThug. Court is set to start at 11:30am...or whenever... WATCH LIVE: Young YSL RICO Trial — GA v. Jeffery Williams et al — D... via

Judge Glanville ruled that a 911 call made by someone not involved in the Sept. 11, 2013 alleged shooting and incident can be played in front of the jury. Glanville also ruled the part of the call mentioning YoungThug as being allegedly involved needs to be redacted.

11:18 AM · Feb 27, 2024

Court is done for the day. Glanville heard a couple of motions, but only ruled on the 911 call the state was trying to admit. No jury today. Court will return tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. with the jury.

12:01 PM · Feb 27, 2024

#YSL Judge Ural Glanville made a ruling on Tuesday that a 911 call regarding a September 2013 shooting can played in front of the jury during the RICO trial. However, the judge stated that the part mentioning rapper #YoungThug has to be redacted. The rapper is currently on trial for several RICO charges.

Without the presence of the jury on Tuesday, Judge Ural Glanville and defense attorney Brian Steel went back and forth over a 911 call where a caller said rapper #YoungThug allegedly shot someone. Attorney Steel wants to be allowed to cross-examine the caller during the YSL RICO trial. "This is an un-American trial," he said. "I am the referee," Judge Glanville told Steel. The judge will make a ruling if the 911 call is testimonial or non-testimonial.

Several audio files were played in court Wednesday for jurors to hear regarding a 2013 shooting that allegedly involved several members of the #YSL gang. Rapper #YoungThug is believed to be involved in the shooting and faces several charges in his RICO trial.

#YSL prosecutors played more audio files for the courtroom surrounding an apartment shooting on September 11, 2013. The state alleged that several YSL members, including rapper #YoungThug, were involved in the shooting. The rapper's name was allegedly mentioned in the 911 call but had to be redacted for the jury.


Bean: "I really don't remember", Bean says when asked about 9/11/13. State: Do you recall crashing a vehicle into a laundry? Bean: I really don't remember. He doesn't remember this? Not sure anyone would forget that....

10:41 AM · Feb 29, 2024

Bean doesn't remember anything that happened in 2013. Dude, you were involved in a shooting. You were in a car that flew over that wall and crashed into the laundromat and then you were taken into custody. But yeah, I can see how you wouldn't remember that.....

10:44 AM · Feb 29, 2024

Bean: "I suffer from Molly" He says he took a lot of drugs back in the day.....remembers nothing

10:49 AM · Feb 29, 2024

Bean identified #YoungThug in court.

10:50 AM · Feb 29, 2024

"I only know Jeffery Williams from music. I'm not a member of #YSL." - Bean testifies.

"I don't recall." "I don't remember." "I don't have any knowledge of..."

State: Have you ever been hit by a car?Bean had to think really long and hard about that.He then says yes he was hit by a car once. (his body hit by a car).

But now says he doesn't remember getting hit by a car....

Bean doesn't remember ever being in this car of driving it.

11:00 AM · Feb 29, 2024

Prosecutor Love is going through a series of names of people and nicknames.... Bean says he knows none of them.

Love: Do you remember being in a raggedy a$$ car with detective Quinn?
Has anyone seen such a schedule/pace for any other trial?
That has to be incredibly frustrating for the attorneys, the jury, witnesses. I can't even imagine. As an attorney, you have lots of other cases to handles as well, but it is hard to schedule things when you have a never ending trial going on.
After a lunch break, Adrian Bean continued to testify. Bean continue to say that he doesn't recall anything related to the Sept. 11, 2013 incident.

Love asked question after question to Adrian Bean about statements he allegedly made to detectives investigating the Sept. 11, 2013 incident. Every question started with "Do you recall..."Bean simply answered to every question, "No, ma'am."

Adrian Bean will return to court tomorrow morning to a continue his testimony at 9:30 a.m. Judge Glanville said court will take place until around noon. Monday will have an 11 a.m. start time and then there will be a break from March 5-12.

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