GA - Troup Co., BlkFem Skeletal 841UFGA, 21-31, dismembered, Dec'07

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    Also -- not to make this thread too confusing, but because this really jumped out at me -- the subject of this thread was found in 2009 in Harris County, very near the Troup County line. There is ANOTHER black female UID -- who IS in NAMUS -- found IN Troup County (GA) two years earlier, in 2007. (That UID was dismembered and partial remains were found in trash bags along a road; someone had tried to burn them.) The NAMUS link for that UID (NOT the subject of this thread, remember) is: and DOE Network is
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    DNA should make identifying this poor girl so easy.

    "Remains placed in several black pastic bags on the side of Stitcher Road, Lagrange, GA slightly burned. Dismembered- no hands/ feet and no skull" - NamUs

    That explains the lack of reconstruction. Sigh.

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