Gardner''s employer unaware he was a registered sex offender

Discussion in 'Amber Dubois' started by cloudajo, May 7, 2010.

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    So, the company where Gardner worked were unaware that Gardner was a registered sex offender. I wonder if he was supposed to work on the day he abducted Amber, Friday, Feb 13, 2009? Did he not work that day? Did he go in late? I hope this company was not doing work at the Escondido High School, as there was a renovation going on at the time. I couldn’t find any evidence of that though – I looked at the list of projects on their website and it didn’t list it. It does list projects at other schools though.


    Through the search warrants, investigators gained permission to search four phones associated with Gardner, including a cell phone issued to him by his employer, Can-Do Electric in El Cajon. He worked for the company from August 2007 to October 2009.

    Reached Wednesday afternoon, Can-Do President Bob Catrell said Gardner worked full time as an electrician trainee, a job that pays about $15 an hour.

    "Frankly, John was a hardworking guy, very well-liked by his co-workers," Catrell said.

    But the economic downturn and lack of construction jobs last year led to a cutback in hours, Catrell said, and the "outgoing, friendly" Gardner found himself working maybe 20 hours a week, maybe less, during his last few months of employment.

    Catrell said his employees were "shocked, really, and heartbroken" on hearing that Gardner had raped and murdered two teenage girls. Catrell said company officials were unaware that Gardner was a registered sex offender.
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    I was really surprised to find out his employer didn't know. I thought most employers do background checks on prospective employees, especially if they are going to be working at schools. That's pretty scary, actually.

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