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Discussion in 'West Memphis III' started by JBean, Mar 26, 2010.

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    Okay moving forward let me help clarify some rules here.

    Copying and pasting anything from anywhere in it's entirety is never allowed.
    Linking to a membership only site is not a reliable source. please link to main stream media reports. There are some exceptions, but generally joe blow's blog is not ok.
    You can copy about 10% and provide a link.
    If there is an interesting blog opinion piece that you all might like to discuss that it is ok. As long as it is not used at a reference for investigative posting. Also not ok if it is all rumor.

    Yes, if something is stated as fact then it does need to have a link to the source. For some of us that come in new , we need to know where the information came from.

    You all might want to start some sort of reference library like other members have done in other forums here. It makes finding and linking information very easy and newbies can catch up quickly.

    No linking to any social media if it is not a named player, suspect, witness or otherwise identifiable person associated with the case.
    In other words we don't want to link to the mother's brother's uncle because he is remotely connected to the case. Or a victim's best friend if it has no bearing on the case.
    Bearing could be defined as having been information gleaned from police reports or major news stories.
    Imagine this involves your family and then you will be able to decide easily what should and should not be posted.
    No rumors period.
    Personal attacks on other members is not tolerated here and time outs are given.

    Hope that helps.
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