WA Georgeann Hawkins (18) - Seattle WA, 1974

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    Georgeann Hawkins

    Endangered Missing

    Missing From: Seattle, Washington

    Missing Since: June 11, 1974

    Age: 18 -- Height: 5'2" -- Weight: 115-120 lbs -- Hair Color: Brown -- Eye Color: Brown

    Georgeann has a skin discoloration on her back and a mole on her neck.

    On June 10, 1974, Georgeann and a sorority sister had gone to party and had a couple of mixed drinks. Georgeann then left to stop by her boyfriend's room and say goodnight to him on her way back to her own dorm, which was just 6 houses down from him. She was a very cautious girl and rarely walked anywhere alone, but the street was so well lighted, and hardly deserted.

    She visited her boyfriend and then headed for the street. A friend called out of a window to her, and they chatted for a few minutes. She said goodnight and walked 30 feet away before he stuck his head back in through the window. Two other male friends remembered seeing her cover the last 20 feet before disappearing around the corner. She only had 40 feet to go in the brightly lit alley.

    Georgeann's roommate knew something was wrong when she didn't arrive 2 hours later, and she called Georgeann's boyfriend and learned she had left his place at 1:00 am. She woke the housemother, and together they waited for the girl. They called the police in the morning, and because of other disappearances in the area, the Seattle police took action immediately. They later learned that a housemother had awaken to a high scream. She'd thought it was a few of the students horsing around, and went back to sleep.

    Serial killer Ted Bundy confessed to Georgeann's murder before his execution. She has never been found.

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