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    Hi folks,

    I am sure you have all noticed a bit of musical chairs when it comes to the ads at Websleuths. Tricia and I want to let you know exactly where things are at, where they are going and why it may seem a little crazy at times(besides the fact we are crazy).

    First I want you to know that steps are being taken to reduce the number of ads per page. Most all of the time Tricia and I spend in conversations, if not based around what we can do to reduce the ads, it is still on the topic of providing a better experience for you. In order to achieve our goal we must spend time testing old ad providers as well as our new partners. At times this testing expands the possibility of bad ads getting thru. If you do see ads for alcohol or various more mature topics we need to stop it as soon as we can. Tricia and I take this very seriously, if we have to kick an entire network to the curb to stop adult ads or the more intrusive type of advertising we will do so. Already we have removed the paid adverts from the first post, though it was one of the most productive. This particular ad spot became prone to auto-audio and auto-play video ads. It was an issue regardless of which ad partner, an issue that was big enough to make us drop it.

    Below I have posted how you can identify ads that may be offensive or overly intrusive. Please know that without this information there is nothing I can do. Without the info, I can read your post, then I am off to mix a margarita.

    Now a personal message.
    I understand those that use an **********, I really do. Websleuths is able to exist for one reason and one reason only, it is ad supported. Without ads, how else are the things that keep Websleuths alive get paid? How about a deal? I keep working my behind off to make Websleuths more money with less ads, you white list Websleuths in your **********? Sound fair? I am already living up to my end of the deal, we are already down 1 ad and in some cases more.

    I know you all are going to be thrilled with end result, so jump aboard the bandwagon. The road will have some bumps but you will enjoy the destination.

    Here is how you can help identify the bad guys

    Grabbing the needed code from your browser

    Move your mouse to just before the problem ad, as close as you can get it. Right click, select inspect element. This will open a frame on your browser filled with code.


    You will notice one line of code is highlighted. First thing you want to do is expand the top section of code. Drag your mouse in the code frame from top to bottom, you will see the mouse pointer turn to a double vertical arrow where you can now drag it down. You may also find the spot in the left of the frame that allows it to expand horizontally in the same manner.


    Now we can see a bigger section of the code we can examine it. Scroll the frame so that the highlighted line that we identified above is towards the top so that once we open that little arrow before the code, it has room to expand. Now start clicking all the arrows so that you can see as much of the code as possible.


    You now have the information I need. The key is to have the code box big enough and the arrows opened to make as much of the code as possible visible to me.

    At this point you may take and post a screenshot, or you may copy the code and paste it between [ code] [ /code] tags ( without the empty space after [ )

    One last thing for me to touch on. Some of you who are using Internet Explorer may see blanks spaces which make it appear there are more ads than there really are. This is an issue I am also working on.
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