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Discussion in 'Caylee Anthony 2 years old' started by pregodego2, Sep 3, 2008.

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    There is so much on the web about people not wanting to volunteer because of the anger towards the anthony family.

    Please someone fill me in on when the search for Caylee became "don't find caylee to spite the anthonys" ???

    If Caylee ISN'T found, it is very possible that Casey will walk, no matter if this was an accident, hand off, sold off, premeditated, cover-up, conspiracy.....CASEY will only BENEFIT from not finding Caylee.

    Please get over your theories and opinions of what happened and why, PLEASE FIND THIS BABY GIRL CAYLEE.

    Let Cindy hinder the investigation, let her put in her fake 'sightings' reports, she can't stop the searches!!!!! ONLY THE SEARCHERS can stop the searches - by not showing up. TES usually averages 1000-1200 on a missing child's search, with Caylee only 100-200. :waitasec: :confused:
    After all the sleuthing, bickering, complaining, crying, worrying, investigating, CARING about this child that bloggers have done, only 100-200 people show up when it's time to actually go out and find her??

    GET THE WORD OUT - LINK TO TES WEBSITE - GIVE TES's PHONE NUMBER - GIVE THE TES FLORIDA HEADQUATERS ADDRESS. Let's do whatever we can to rally as many people - let's show that the country that has cried and prayed for closure in this case and for this child to come home (deceased or alive), will go out and do the foot work needed to in order to make it happen!

    Otherwise, TES is very likely to shut down and go back to Texas. This search is beyond the amount they can afford to spend. Please send donations if you cannot go there to search.

    I personally beg you, Caylee deserves justice and this country deserves peace.
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    When I read that there were only about 45-50 volunteers today! I was happy to hear the latest report from Fox 35 that they actually do NEED volunteers!!!

    I think that the way they will get more volunteers is to get the media involved in the search. Leave the Anthony family alone already and lets go after the real news.

    There was a dead body in Casey's trunk. The scientific evidence points to that body being Caylee's. Let's find that baby and bring her home. Finding a body will be the clincher in this case. Why isn't the media covering this story??? Get a newscaster out there to see what a search is like!!!

    I know it is hard, hot work. But please, if there is anyway that you can help, please go look for that baby's body.
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    I don't think hatred has anything to do with this case. Rational people are able to separate a mother, grandmother and grandfather from a tiny, precious child. I hear her case discussed almost everywhere I go, and people are extremely sad about the baby's probable death. Anger towards the mother is natural but does not affect the grief and sadness for poor little Caylee.

    Realistically, I think most people are able to look at this and say " It's way too late to find her body" based on the rate of decomp. for a tiny child in the hot FL summer. Regardless of where her body was placed unless it was into a working refrigerated or freezer unit.

    The time to look for Caylee's body was in the days after she went missing. The days when she wasn't reported. The weeks when she wasn't reported missing, apparently. The MONTH she wasn't reported missing.

    IF she disappeared in June, it's been 3 months. If July, then 2 months, of course. Whatever was of the physical Caylee most likely no longer remains to be found, except in crime labs, where a case is being made against her mother for murder.
    I believe that Casey would expend the least energy possible to rid herself of a rapidly decomposing child's body. I think the body went from the trunk of the car to the BF's dumpster in the middle of the night. I think she viewed Caylee's body as unwanted trash.

    People dump bags of trash which smells bad without comment or incident every day. Caylee's body would certainly have fit in a large Hefty Steel Sak. I think her body was dumped then ended up at the landfill in a matter of days after she was killed.

    A month later, people find out that she's missing.
    A month after that, searches are organized.
    Too much time has passed. Months too long. If her body is in the landfill, as I suspect it is out of sheer convenience for Casey, it's way past the window of time when the body could have been recovered.

    This will be a DNA case, IMO.

    Again, there is precedent for the dumping of corpses, even adult sized ones. The Blagg family and Lori Hacking are the two which are most recently infamous. The little Blagg girl, Abby, was never found in the landfill where her mother's mummified remains were. She was just too small at the age of 6 to have remains left behind in the heat over time.

    I applaud those who are giving of their time and hearts to make this gesture, but scientifically, I have little hope of her remains ever being found, unless she was buried permanently on the family's property where the dogs hit.
    It breaks my heart that this is the case, but I think we have to apply logic when we ask " Why don't people show up to search marshes and creeks?"
    It's most likely because there's never been a body there, and wherever the body is, it is beyond finding due to decomposition.

    So very tragic for Caylee. I think strangers love her more than her family ever did.
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