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    Norwegian's threat to haunt anyone who tampered with his will didn't hold up in - or send a chill through - a court. The man, who wasn't identified, died in mid-2003 and left a will dividing his possessions among a long list of friends because he had no direct heirs, state radio network NRK reported Thursday.

    And, to be sure that no one challenged the document, he threatened to haunt any who tampered with the document.

    "I take a solemn and holy vow that, if at all possible, I will pursue you in the darkest hours of the night," he said in the will. "I warn you in the strongest possible terms not to try any nonsense."

    His half-sister, who wasn't one of the beneficiaries, took her chances and challenged the will in the Haalogaland Appeals Court in the Arctic city of Tromsoe.
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