Gilgo Beach LISK Serial Killer, Rex Heuermann, charged with 3 murders, July 2023 #6

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Our WS member morf13 is an established contact of Tricia's and a very reliable and trusted source.

In real life morf13 is Mike Morford, who is the host of the Citizen Detective true crime podcast, along with his co-hosts Dr. Lee Mellor and Naama Kates.

As a highly regarded and trusted source, Morf13 is not required to provide links to what he states as fact about this case.


This man's family, his wife and daughter (and the daughter's art) are off limits for sleuthing. It's fine to discuss what is said about them or by them in MSM, but to sleuth out their information and/or post links to their social media or online persona is absolutely against Websleuths TOS. Members who continue to do so will find themselves on a thread ban.

This is Websleuths 101 ... read The Rules and you won't have any problems.

Thank you.
I have been archiving everything LISK since 2010.

New sub-album i've begun but I am days behind in saving the info.

JUSTICE! Arrest For Gilgo Beach L.I.S.K. Victims:

The main Case Archive, since 2010 (971 files):

Sub-section, Shannan Gilbert (567 files):

Sub-section, Manorville (68files):

Sub-section, After 10 years, Will there be Justice? (141 files):

Please check it out. I've spent years building this Case Archive.

This post lands at random.

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Hey everyone,

At this time Shannan Gilbert is not included as being one of Heuermann's victims. It's fine to make mention of her or any of the other victims as possibly related but please don't flood the thread with extensive discussion of the specifics of those other cases.

There are numerous threads dedicated specifically to each of the victims, so if you wish to delve more deeply into one of those cases, just go to the top of this page and click on the parent forum called "Long Island Serial Killer".

Thanks !!

Many posts have had to be removed. Discussion of the Russell Williams case is causing confusion and derailing the thread.

Please stay on topic by discussing the case at hand.
The investigation surrounding alleged Gilgo Beach serial killer Rex A. Heuermann entered a new, less public phase Wednesday. Crowds that had gathered on the streets outside the residence during the 12-day search of his Massapequa Park home

Tierney has already taken a hands-on role in the case by presenting evidence to the grand jury that indicted Heuermann and leading the prosecution at the defendant’s July 14 arraignment.

"District Attorney Tierney is presenting this case," spokeswoman Tania Lopez told a Newsday reporter Wednesday.

The unusual move will mark the first time Tierney has personally prosecuted a case since he took office in January 2022. He previously served as a federal prosecutor, trying cases in the Eastern District of New York as recently as 2021.

Fred Klein, the former chief of the major offense bureau of the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office and a visiting assistant professor of law at Hofstra University, said it was highly unusual for district attorneys to lead prosecution teams.

“I’ve known Ray Tierney for a long time and I really have respect and admiration for him as an attorney and a prosecutor,” Klein said. “However, I think for him to assume the responsibility of an actual trial will be challenging for him and his office. As the DA, he has responsibility for every case in their office. A new crisis comes up every day in a place like the Suffolk County DA’s office.”

“From that perspective, it is a curious decision,” Klein said. "I give him credit for making the effort."
What sets RH apart is his body shape, IMHO. He is almost square-shaped, a big, short-necked man, not merely tall, and standing very straight, too. I would like to see him walk, maybe the gait adds something. But “an ogre” is a telling word, and one wonders if they added something descriptive about his height as well.
ETA: looking at his photos from school and now. As a kid, he was rather good-looking, with light, wide-set eyes. Now I wonder if his current looks are normal aging, or does he, indeed, have hypertrophy of parotid glands, occasionally a telltale sign of alcoholism?

you can see him walking in the arrest video
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In my opinion. RH spins himself as a problem solver in that French interview. He has experience with the legal system both through his profession and all his BS lawsuits. Jesus Christ he's been through more depositions than most lawyers. He also knew not to say a word and ask for a lawyer. His lawyer michael brown is a top rated defense lawyer and a former suffolk prosecutors. RH might be digging in to fight this case out. His brain is so fried he might actually think he can beat this. What this sicko doesn't get is no lawyer in the world can save him with the evidence they got. He's about to find out he's no longer in control of anything anymore.
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The article says that the LE were looking for devices used to “stamp” leather products, and again, we saw the belt embossed with H and M. One wonders if the letters were stamped by RH himself. Some more ominous thoughts about “leather products” come to my mind, especially given the head lanterns the neighbor described, and also, the condition of some bodies, but I don’t want to go further. I think we are in for ugly discoveries.
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because it's stressful? I guess I don't understand what triggers really are
I thought it had it be something negative but purchase of a timeshare seems like a positive thing
Yes, it is a positive thing. However, if he has a base in the city and spends more time with SW he may have fallen out with one of them and wanted revenge elsewhere.
You can see it at

Interesting way of pronouncing vowels, very uneven. I’d expect a New Yorker to form them more frontally, and at times, RH does it. But when there is an R following an A, like in “department” or “architect”, he forms the vowels much deeper in the mouth, almost like Brits would do. Other words with A followed by R he pronounces like a New Yorker. His lisp is less peculiar than these vowels alternating between frontal and glottal. It is almost like he mixes two accents.
“2016, Khalil White — who was alternately described as Taylor’s pimp and boyfriend — told the A&E docuseries The Killing Season that homicide squad detectives informed him that she was found wrapped in burlap.

That detail was significant because it was also widely reported that the first four victims found in Gilgo Beach in December 2010 were also wrapped in burlap. Taylor, however, was previously reported to have been covered with plastic, although police did not confirm that detail.

“The department has not addressed the question of burlap vs. plastic or any other materials,” police recently told the Press.”

Is burlap used in any architectural works? Insulation, for example? I wonder if this burlap was the remnants from some of his projects.
Interesting way of pronouncing vowels, very uneven. I’d expect a New Yorker to form them more frontally, and at times, RH does it. But when there is an R following an A, like in “department” or “architect”, he forms the vowels much deeper in the mouth, almost like Brits would do. Other words with A followed by R he pronounces like a New Yorker. His lisp is less peculiar than these vowels alternating between frontal and glottal. It is almost like he mixes two accents.
I haven't watched the interview yet cause the idea of listening to a serial killer creeps me out but now you have me curious.
“Shame on us if we don’t look into Las Vegas, South Carolina, even Atlantic City. We’ve got to make sure if anyone has any information,” Suffolk County Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison, who helped launch the task force last year that led to Heuermann’s arrest, told ABC 7 last week.

When I heard that Rex had a timeshare in Las Vegas, obviously my ears perked up. … Is he a gambler or is he going to an area that has a very robust victim pool, i.e., sex workers?” said Josh Zeman, a documentarian who interviewed Schaller in 2016 for A&E’s “The Killing Season.”

The docuseries touched on several predictions that turned out to be true years later with Heuermann’s arrest – including that the suspect would be a Big Apple commuter from Massapequa who may be into duck hunting.

“Atlantic City also has a fairly robust sex trade,” he added.
*I just started The Killing Season. I’ve seen parts of it a long time ago but I didn’t really pay attention. Until now! It’s on Hulu if anyone has access. I forgot the beautiful Ms. Tricia made us famous on this show.❤️
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