Gilgo Beach LISK Serial Killer, Rex Heuermann, charged with 3 murders, July 2023 #7

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So much for 'never reported missing'. That phrase makes me so angry, because as someone who follows Does, that so often is part of the police statement when they're identified, and then it comes out that the families did everything they could and the police did nothing, often wouldn't even take their loved one's information. Of all cases, of all police, you'd think the Gilgo Task Force would do their best to avoid making that horrendous blunder. :mad:


I always take"Never reported missing," to mean, "No agency would accept a missing person report."

It's really sad.

As opposed to all the rest of the scandal to do with SCPD? They weren't taking questions anyway, they just could have left that sentence out.

Because, so often when we're talking vulnerable victims, never reported missing so often seems code for not our fault, we couldn't have done anything, it's on the people in their life to let us know. They have all the power, and it doesn't matter how much the family protests that they did try to report it after that point, because they can't call a national reach press conference, and even if they could, they can't unring the bell of everyone hearing and writing articles about how they never bothered to report it.

I think it would be more appropriate to say that police never filed a missing person report. I still would prefer that they say the family reported that they tried to file one.
I read this : "Rex Heuermann is an architect who founded the New York City firm RH Consultants and Associates in 1994, according to the company's website" so he should have had his own firm already or was setting it up at this point ?
Most likely and I believe in the few years before he opened his own firm (and while he was married to his first wife) he was working in Freeport
<modsnip: Quoted post was removed> The cheek swab is to give them a primary source of DNA evidence directly from RH. Right now, the PCA was based on the DNA sourced from the pizza crust he threw away.

Without the sample, Assistant District Attorney Michelle Haddad argued, forensic biologists would only be able to reference the pizza crust and napkin as being 'purported to be used/touched' by Heuermann.

'Should the defendant's DNA from the [cheek swab] not match the DNA profile from the pizza crusts and napkin submitted for Rex Heuermann, the defense would be presented with a potential trial defense.

'Thus, there is a clear indication that material and relevant evidence will be found and is crucial for that.'

A cheek swab, she said, 'would provide further relevant evidence of the defendant's identity as the perpetrator of these crimes.'

I saw this too and this is just completely BAFFLING to me.

Why they did not obtain a warrant to obtain his DNA via Buccal Swab on arrest is confounding. Why did they wait? They'd been tailing his for some time already at that point.

On another note, it solves the mystery surrounding the hearing #623

Honored to share that Othram assisted the Suffolk County Police Department and the FBI in identifying 34-year-old Karen Vergata from Manhattan, NY. Karen is the earliest recorded victim of the Long Island Serial Killer, murdered in 1996.

After 26 years, Fire Island Jane Doe is Identified
So, so thrilled about this one, @othram . You have no idea. Honestly keep having fits of happy crying.

Now let's bring ALL these people home!

Investigators with the Gilgo Beach Homicide Investigation Task Force added the profile of Judith Ramona Veloz, a Bronx teen who vanished from Manhattan in 1993, to a national missing persons database last October.

how awful, so young and beautiful. :(
I saw this too and this is just completely BAFFLING to me.

Why they did not obtain a warrant to obtain his DNA via Buccal Swab on arrest is confounding. Why did they wait? They'd been tailing his for some time already at that point.

On another note, it solves the mystery surrounding the hearing #623

Often they hope the suspect will provide one voluntarily at their request following the arrest. I'm guessing he told them to pound sand so they had to request a warrant for the DNA swab. They have a lot going on, in a million different directions, so the application for the warrant just takes some time. They had enough to hold him, and they know where he's going to be, so they probably just did it in due time. It's also appropriate to wait for a period of time to see if he puts in a request to speak with investigators. He's obviously not ready for that yet. I'm curious as to whether he'll put up a fight once the warrant is granted.
Absolutely there could be the possibility of more than one serial killer, just found it odd that my POI had so much in common with this case, attended the same methadone program as Amber, hung out with her, got high with her, possibly had sex with her, had a lingerie fetish among others, military and LE knowledge, lifelong Long Islander, knows top officials on the Island. And an ex wife with the same name as one of the victims who seemed to have their family tortured most. But, DNA is pointing at RH as I see it. Maybe I see a lot of coincidence where there is none.

wow! That is CRAZY! I wouldn't discount it. He runs in similar circles hopefully he isn't an SK, but a creeper but you might be onto something.
Has anyone started a thread for Karen ?
She has an existing Doe thread (now listed as identified!) here:

Could it be that the investigator to contact is part of the taskforce? It's listed as a Suffolk County case.

Is it possible that as the Task Force examined every known case, information on any missing woman they could, it was realized that she did not have a profile up, so that was remedied without meaning she ties to the Gilgo4?
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