Gilgo Beach LISK Serial Killer, Rex Heuermann, charged with 4 murders, July 2023 #11

DNA Solves
DNA Solves
DNA Solves
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Wow. Just wow.

I was hoping for maybe a pager or a phone found in his home, but HAIRS AGAIN. DNA.

And with Jessica being confirmed, surely this opens the door to Valerie, Peaches and her baby, Karen.

Not multiple killers. One killer. Just one. Just RH. For over thirty years. Dismemberment, disposal whole, both concealed and not. The evolution of a predator.

I am more confident than ever that the dismemberment was about hindering identity. It obviously wasn't something he required to be fulfilled.

Don't forget the Asian John Doe. I bet RH got fooled by the JD and when he realized it he got angry. Or he got curious and then felt shame and that's why he used blunt force trauma instead of strangulation. JMO
Not sure I'm reading it right. Witnesses 2 and 3 are logical inferences....

Sounds like Taylor's murder may have occurred during a time when RH was transitioning between his personal marriages. Wife changes, but pattern of committing his crimes while family was away started early, with his first family. Was away at a specific location, where RH wasn't, and his phone records support it -- long distance phone calls between him and that resort.

LE should be comparing all family absences and comparing them to cold cases.

Modern day technology is going to expose his ancient beginnings.


Link provided by @Betty P for the party at RH home.

“A witness recently came forward after seeing photos of Vergata and Heuermann on television, according to Ray. She said she attended a “swingers party” with her boyfriend and Vergata at Heuermann’s home in Massapequa Park around Valentine’s Day in 1996. She said Vergata remained at the party after she and her boyfriend left”

That is not MSM news that backs up your statement that the wife "hosted sex parties". LE has never announced that they have verified any of this. That is the same claims made by attorney Ray and he is just repeating what was told to him. When this "witness" eventually appeared in interviews with the media, she gave no proof of her claims. Even her claims don't amount to "she hosted sex parties". MOO
Arraignment just wrapped up. Two murder charges were announced. The prosecution laid out evidence behind the charges, including DNA evidence linking Heuermann to one of the victims and a “manifesto” found on a laptop in Heuermann’s home laying out how the crimes were committed

The next court date for this case will be July 30.

I also think Harrison knows a lot more about serial killings of women on LI than some give him credit for. JMO, he wanted to work with John to send the message that LE need to build trust with sex workers and listen to valuable information they can share about the killers and other predators out there. Most large LE jurisdictions started doing this decades ago.
Yes, exactly. And IMO also have to wonder if that same sort of believed connection might have been used for a different purposes for years prior? In other words, to thwart or stall an investigation because of the time elapsed in the cases? MOO
Since quite a few female hairs have been found and used as evidence, do you think RH purposely planted them with/on the victims? Maybe his middle finger to his significant other as part of it?

Pure speculation on my part. I do wonder.
Don't forget the Asian John Doe. I bet RH got fooled by the JD and when he realized it he got angry. Or he got curious and then felt shame and that's why he used blunt force trauma instead of strangulation. JMO
I never forget Asian Doe.

I was thinking they were an outlier, being beaten, dumped whole, clothed, but with Sandra being confirmed, then they are not so much, now.

Asian Doe is a direct link between Sandra and the GB4.

Reading through this indictment, it states that Sandra Costilla's body was found on her back, with her legs spread apart and her hands behind her head. In other words, in EXACLY the same pose as Rita Tangredi and Colleen McNamee.

Sped read it. Now I'm weeping.

Absolutely predator.

They found his notes on unwritten cells on his hard drive.

Columns for supplies, steps, dump sites.

Remember to...

Next time....

This is appalling, devastating, chilling....

The details in Rex's memos for organizing and planning the murders is something else.

Under "Prep" he notes "Set up Stage", "Holding Area", "Cross Bar", etc. It looks like he built a set up to hang the women up. Ugh. Took photos.

ETA: Above is from the Bail Application linked above in ScribD document.

The farther you read, the worse it gets.

Taking a break for now, will be back later.
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