Gilgo Beach LISK Serial Killer, Rex Heuermann, charged with 6 murders, July 2023 #13

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"An affidavit is a legally binding written statement that can be used in legal proceedings to verify the truth of a document. It's considered sworn testimony, similar to testifying in court, and can be used as evidence to support a side in a dispute.

An affidavit is the written version of swearing under oath to tell the truth, just as if you were testifying in a courtroom. The document is signed both by the person making the statement, called an affiant, and by a person who is legally authorized to administer an oath, such as a notary public or certain court and government officers.

Affidavits are often used in pre-trial, arbitration, and civil litigation... However, affidavits can be used to impeach a witness's testimony if it contradicts what they stated in their affidavit. If the contradiction was intentional and involved a material issue, it could potentially lead to criminal charges of perjury."

All I've seen says she was born in South Farmingdale on Long Island. I know early on people were speculating she was from Iceland, but it seems she is 1st generation American with extended family in Iceland. That witness who claimed to be at the Heuermann's and met her should have been struck by her thick Long Island accent in contrast to the Icelandic claim. My guess is the witness concocted that story early in the case before the public knew more of her history or had heard her speak.
I, like others believe she is telling her truth, just like she heard it.

An affidavit is the written version of swearing under oath to tell the truth, just as if you were testifying in a courtroom.

Signing an affidavit that contains false information can subject the affiant to criminal penalties. Therefore, before signing, it is very important to read the document carefully to ensure that the information is accurate and truthful. If the affidavit includes any statements that are the opinion or belief of the affiant, the fact that it is opinion or belief needs to be clearly stated."

Where are we getting the idea that AE is a foreigner. To the best of my knowledge, she was born in the United States. Am I wrong ?
People were wondering if she was fibbing to the swinger about RH rescuing her and bringing her to the US or if she’s fibbing on social media about going to HS in LI. If it was true that RH brought her to the US, people wondered why her social media would say she went to HS locally.
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People were wondering if she was fibbing to the swinger about RH rescuing her and bringing her to thevUS or if she’s fibbing on social media about going to HS in LI. If it was true that RH brought her to the US, people wondered why her social media would say she went to HS locally.
Thank you, JK. I'm just going to skip over that discussion in the thread, then. Saves me a lot of time. :D
i keep wondering as well.... thought maybe it was Heuermann Kills.
I've seen Heuermann Kills on here, I've seen Hunt Kill. Happy Killer. These sound like good ideas for this.

It's interesting, though, that we've got initial set "HK" now in the discussion and the other set of important initials he introduced before was with the belt, WH. And it's kind of interesting, WH upside down becomes HM. HK upside down is backwards "K" and H. All the inversion and so forth is almost certainly overthinking it, but does he have any relatives with initials HK or KH? Because that WH is the grandfather.

It not likely there's the same type of thinking between this set of initials on the document and the set with the belt. The initial set on the belt (WH) was left with a victim's remains, RH had to wonder if LE would someday find it. The "HK" was buried in a deleted file. But I'd still be curious to know if any victims or any of his relatives had those initials.
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Agreed! It seems like RH's murder of Sandra Costilla, along with RH's "HK" horror, are possibly reflecting a somewhat unexpected twist in the investigation. Arguably, it's moving now more towards Ray's narrative of RH not necessarily being such a "solo" actor. Ray's had the goods on that idea all along, so it's incredibly interesting to see it starting to slowly inch towards that. But how wide is the circle?? Is there indeed any circle? Really wondering if Bittrolff a part ot it if it exists.
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One thing that particularly stood out to me is this planning document is dated 2002-2004. He makes clear references to " last time" and " next time ". We know that Jessica Taylor went missing in 2003. Do we have any victims from 2002 or 2004 ? Anyone know ?
Reminder of Asa's track record...kind of

Filed for divorce, possibly stopped it.
Was going to sell the house
Stayed instead.
Double flipped off the media.
Peacock signing.
She insisted her hubby was “not capable” of carrying out the four murders and that she was giving him “the benefit of the doubt.”
Says she will decide after evidence is presented in court.
She says that if Heuermann did commit the murders he was "living a double life" she knew nothing about it.
She posts a sign to LE and others "do not trespass."

And lest we forget the affidavit.

The first witness, Ray said, went to Heuermann’s house for a sex party in February 1996 with her boyfriend, who was a cop, and Vergata. Heuermann’s wife, Asa Ellerup, was at the house when they arrived, the witness said in an affidavit. The witness said that Vergata went downstairs and that Heuermann and her boyfriend vanished for a while. During that time, she spoke with Ellerup, who said that Heuermann had “brought her from her country and that everything she had, he has given her,” the affidavit states.

AE didn't budge after RH was also charged with the murders of Jessica Taylor & Sandra Costilla.

"Ms. Ellerup married Rex Heuermann in 1996. She was not residing with Rex Heuermann in the Massapequa Park domicile in 1993, the year Ms. Costilla was murdered," attorney Robert Macedonio wrote in a written statement. "At the time of the death of Ms. Taylor, Ms. Ellerup was, once again, not in the jurisdiction. As we have previously stated, if Mr. Heuermann committed these homicides, he was living a double life that Ms. Ellerup was unaware of."

The attorney noted that his client still maintains Heuermann "is not capable of committing these heinous acts."

Automatic number plate recognition cameras
Looks like cameras capturing license plate information was in use in NY state during Rex's active years:

"The concept of using cameras as a method to record a vehicle passing through a specific location and then identifying the owner/operator has been in development since the 1970s. Early technology could capture a picture of a license plate and vehicle with the date and time"

This tech info is beyond my interest to research, but this NY government document might be useful to anyone who wants to delve into it and report back. :)

One more comment and then I'm going to just shut up and read. A sworn affidavit is meaningless if it can't be presented in a court of law. Since (so far) John Ray doesn't represent any of the known victims, or their families , he can't present this "swinger party" affidavit in a court of law. And after seeing this witness in an interview with Banfield, I would be SHOCKED if Ray Tierney ever put her on the witness stand.


I hope things are changing. I know there is a history of SCPD and related agencies refusing some information and not talking to witnesses. But we HAVE seen change. We did see Rodney Harrison supporting John Ray's ability to correct for Crime Stopper's refusal to take information.

The swinger witness has extremely important eye witness information placing Karen Vergata at Rex Heuermann's house. If he is ultimately charged with her murder, I will be shocked if her testimony is not used.

The night-time cab driver has very useful information if Rex is ever charged in Shannan's murder. If it turns out that someone else murdered her, I guess it is not as useful.

An affidavit does add a tremendous amount of credibility. Anyone can say anything on the 6 O'Clock News without legal fallout for lying. An affadavit is sworn, under penalty of perjury.

If the affidavits were false, the person giving them could be sued civilly for defamation and charged legally for perjury. These things are not happening. Because it is not defamation or perjury if when it is true.

Thank goodness we have John Ray and the additional valuable information he provides.

I think having to wait 24 hours to find out is going to make me a bit crazy.
Trying hard Not to jump to any conclusions. It could be as simple as Asa knew he visited SW and was OK with it.
I don't see that as being simple.
I think it opens up Pandora's Box for the investigators.
She very well could have had an "open secrets" marriage.

Which to me makes a hell of a lot more sense then her claims of being oblivious and if her husband did indeed do what he's been charged with then it is he that lived a "double life".
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