Girl, 5, Accidentally Shot, Killed at Own Birthday Party, (this one is heart breaking

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    girl from Arizona was visiting her grandparents in Beryl this week to celebrate her sixth birthday.

    On Monday night, the girl and another girl apparently found a rifle in a bedroom. The girl was shot in the torso and died at a hospital in Cedar City.

    more at the link.

    My heart hurts for this family. The grandparents probably had the rifle in the house for protection, and didn't even think about it being there when the little girl came to visit.

    OT: My two older kids went to a seep over one time. They were playing hide in go seek in the house. They hid in the hall closet where there was a rifle(dad was a fireman and should've known better). freaked me out. they have never been back over there. We have guns, but we keep them in a locked gun safe. Also our kids have been raised around deer hunting and know how to use them, and know they are dangerous. I do believe most gun accidents with children are ones who have not been taught the dangers of guns.
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    They should be taught the dangers of guns and I also think that the guns should be up out of their reach or have a lock on them. JMHO.

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