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    This was NOT easy to find! LOL

    Fla. Deputy Uses Taser to Stop Bear

    <!-- BEGIN MEDIA BOX NUMBER 1 --><!-- END MEDIA BOX NUMBER 1 -->MILTON, Fla. (AP) -- A sheriff's deputy got a shock when a bear came toward him as he searched for a prowler. So he gave the bear a shock with his Taser.

    Homeowner Charlie McQueen Smith called Santa Rosa County deputies Tuesday night after finding her air conditioner torn from her kitchen window.

    Deputy Ray Dykes thought he was looking for a prowler.

    "When I pulled up, I saw the reflection of an animal's eyes. It looked like a little bear cub," he said. "I got to about 40 feet and it stood up, and that's when I knew it was fully grown."

    Dykes used his Taser gun when the bear got too close.

    "He was about seven or eight feet away when I shocked him," he said.

    The bear fell to the ground, breaking the connection with the weapon, which administers a strong electrical charge. The animal fled into the woods and disappeared
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