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    I wrote the BDI theory over 12 years ago an placed it on the Internet at geocities. Over the years I have been threatened with law suits, harassed, and called many names. Lin Wood has threatened to sue me on three occasions. Threatening me didn’t seem to work so Ramsey supporters tried to get my web page removed from the web. That did not work either. Then someone had the idea that if they could get search engines not to list my web page that would be the same as removing it from the web. So they complained to search engines to remove my site. That worked. Yahoo, the owner of geocities removed my site from their search engine. Only google continued to list my site. Now, geocities has closed. I have moved the BDI webpage to:
    No search engines have listed it. So, I am leaving it at this site for background information for anyone interested in the history of the Jonbenet case. If you are such a person, you might want to bookmark this site because I do not plan to write again.
    Over the years I have many interesting experiences. Once a Ramsey family member wrote me complaining about my site. Some how my email address got linked in with other family members and I started receiving email copies of personal communications between family members. It lasted several months and I learned a lot about the Ramseys and their relatives.
    On another occasion the son of a mobster who did not want to follow in his fathers footsteps wrote me about the mobs Christmas parties in Boulder. It seems that at this party whatever your pleasure was it would be granted. If you liked young women, they would be provided. It didn’t stop there, if you preferred young men, boys, or little girls, they would be provided for your pleasure.
    I have had many conversions with a person called Jameson. They were always thought provoking and I miss them.
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