Gov't Probe: Guardians Of Elderly Not Screened, Monitored - elderly abused

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    Some court-appointed guardians for incapacitated seniors are not screened before they're appointed, and many are not monitored by the courts after they've taken over the affairs of their charges, resulting in hundreds of allegations of abuse, a federal probe found.

    An investigation by the Government Accountability Office found allegations of abuse by legal guardians in 45 states and the District of Columbia, according to an advance copy of the report obtained by CNN. The report is scheduled to be released Wednesday.

    In 20 cases studied by the office in which criminal or civil penalties resulted, investigators found that guardians stole at least $5.4 million in assets from 158 victims, the report said. In some instances, these same guardians abused or physically neglected the people they were supposed to help and protect.

    In six of the 20 cases examined, the courts failed to screen guardians before giving them control over the financial affairs and care of their wards, the federal agency found. In one case in Missouri, a former taxi driver and convicted bank robber was appointed the legal guardian of a wealthy customer who had no family. As the elderly man developed Alzheimer's disease, his guardian stole more than $640,000 from him, writing checks out of the victim's estate to pay for exotic dancers and a new Hummer, court records show.

    In Arizona, an 80-year-old woman's niece was appointed guardian of her wealth and well-being, despite having declared bankruptcy twice and being arrested numerous times for writing bad checks, according to court documents cited in the GAO probe. The elderly woman's attorney had objected to the appointment, saying the two were not close, but the court disregarded the protest. In the end, the niece misappropriated more than $150,000 from her aunt's estate, court records show.

    A certified professional guardian failed to visit one of her wards for eight months, according to documents from a case in the state of Washington. The same guardian was then appointed to oversee another elderly person's estate, despite having $87,000 in tax liens filed against her.

    Courts failed to oversee the conduct of appointed guardians in 12 of the 20 cases studied in the federal investigation, therefore allowing the abuse and financial exploitation to continue unobserved, sometimes for years, the federal report said.

    Courts failed to oversee the conduct of appointed guardians in 12 of the 20 cases studied in the federal investigation, therefore allowing the abuse and financial exploitation to continue unobserved, sometimes for years, the federal report said.

    It cited the case of a couple in Kansas who ran an unlicensed group home for mentally ill adults. The husband became the guardian of a 50-year-old female patient, allowing the couple to steal $250,000 from the woman, court documents show.

    "In addition, they forced her and other residents to perform sexual acts for almost two decades as part of the fraudulent therapy treatment that they billed to Medicare, a federal court and jury found," according to the federal report.

    The abuse was discovered when children on a school bus reported seeing naked people working on the farm, the GAO report said.

    much more here

    Frightening, isn't it?? That any scumbucket can take over one's life if s/he doesn't have the mental capacity to object???

    I never considered this before, but now it looks like a good idea to have a trusted guardian named legally in the event of becoming incapacitated.
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    TM, I'm no Attorney but it's immensely frightening.

    How awful we treat our elders this way. I can't understand.

    Basically I have absolutely nothing financially but I just said this to my mom the other day as I handed her medicine and propped up her pillow "Who in the he*l is going to do this for me mom when I'm you?" Trust me we can work eachother's nerve and I am Blessed to have siblings to afford I stay with her, but no way can I see my kid even stopping by for a hello.

    Soooooo, you have all that money like some of those folks and you get treated horrendously? I wonder if you're better off broke?

    Sorry to go on but I'm kind of in that now with mom and grandmom. I see my elderly neighbors just lonesome and who will look after them?

    Thanks alot TM.:D

    BTW if anyone sees any elderly abuse they should call 911 or Department For The Aging if it seems like neglect. One of my friends works a civil job where they had to hear this poor lady yelling each day. She knew the dude whose mom it was. A whole house of crack addicts living in there on the poor lady. Although one chick called Peachy actually was nice to her and cleaned. Probably cause she was speeding?:waitasec: My friend called 911, and they got involved and called Dept. Of Aging and the woman was taken to a nice home. So just like with the children look out for your elders.
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