Groom will never forget his wedding night

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    A groom spent his wedding night in jail with his father, his brother his father-in-law and seven other members of his wedding party after the group allegedly brawled with another bridal party and police, according to a published report.

    Police arrested the groom, Joseph Fortunato Jr., 29, and the ten others after officers were called to break up the melee at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in White Plains, Saturday, according to an article appearing in Thursday's editions of the Daily News.

    The altercation reportedly began with a case of mistaken identity. A member of the second wedding party confronted Fortunato's best man, believing him to be a wedding photographer, who had absconded. The best man allegedly responded with force sparking a bench-clearer.

    "Everybody's fighting everybody," White Plains police spokesman Martin Gleeson told the Daily News. "And both brides are kind of walking around helpless like, 'This is my wedding? I can't believe this is happening!'"

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