Guard accused of urinating on computer

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    A state prison guard who was arrested after a drunken brawl at a nightclub may also be charged with urinating on a municipal jail computer, police said.
    Willie M. Shannon, 26, of Lacey, employed at Washington Corrections Center in Shelton, was later transferred from the city jail to the Thurston County Jail, where he was booked for investigation of first-degree malicious mischief and then was released after posting bail, according to police reports Monday.

    Shannon, Sean W. Dack, 25, of McCleary, who works with Shannon at the prison, and Randy M. Hinchcliffe, 38, of Olympia, who has previous felony convictions and knew Shannon from the prison, were arrested after fighting early Sunday morning at The Vault, police Lt. James Costa said.

    Dack and Hinchcliffe were cited at the municipal jail for disorderly conduct and released, but Shannon, while confined in a holding cell, relieved himself through a protective screen onto a nearby computer workstation, according to police reports.
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