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    so to all my full figured websleuthers size 10+ check out this website they carry dresses skirts, shrugs cardigans and shirts. its like netflix but for clothing.. its free to sign up but they have subscriptions with kinds of price levels, with the promotion that is going on right now you get 3 items of clothing out at one time. you have an online closet and your minimums for this one are 8 items. once your minimums are met they send out 3 random items from your closet. shipping is included they also send out care instructions and postage paid shipping bags so you can ship back what you don't want you can send out one item at a time or all 3 items at a time. keep what you like for as long as you like. and they have the size charts listed for all designers.

    the promotion right now is 31 days free trial all they ask for is a credit card to keep on file in case you decide to keep the services and at that point you can pick what subscription fits your budget. this is the referral link for me click on this if you like what you see you can join and they you will get your own link which you can send to friends and family the more people you refer then you will get another free month of clothing

    mods if this is in the wrong place then please move
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