Haiti - Paul Waggoner, American aid worker, accused of kidnapping dead boy

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    This is a very disturbing case. A childhood friend of mine was the attending physician at the hospital when this child was pronounced dead. He is trying to get the word out about Paul's case.

    From an interview with Anderson Cooper:

    An american hospital volunteer is being held tonight in one of haiti’s worst prisons, accused of kidnapping a 15-month-old deathly ill child after turning the boy into a zombie. That’s right, a zombie. That’s what the boy’s father is claiming, even though the hospital says the little boy died and have a death certificate to prove it. Are there any facts at all to support the allegations or is this volunteer the victim of the father’s misplaced grief and superstition?

    transcript of interview w/link to video: http://mmrcglobal.org/big-paul-anderson-cooper

    Updated CNN article:

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