Halyna Hutchins Shot With Prop Gun - Alec Baldwin indicted & Hannah Gutierrez-Reed charged, 2021 #7

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Riding Horses in Jail?
HRG mentioned in a phone call that she would like to go to the prison in Springer where they ride horses.
@Cool Cats @ Smelly Squirrel
HGR may be disappointed.

Link about the horse program was published in 2014.*
W a quick search, I did not find info (could have missed it) about it being currently available, not at the Springer, NM location. IDK if HGR would be placed at Springer.**

Maybe another NM facility has a similar program?
*"New Mexico DOC program allows inmates to help rehabilitate horses
"The New Mexico Department of Corrections has launched a new program that allows prisoners without disciplinary problems to help with rescued horses"

** "Springer Correctional Center (SCC)
Heavy Equipment Operator Program
Wheelchair Program"
I just set an alarm so that I can see the sentencing. HGR is so irresponsible and immature. If she is capable of acting that way after someone died on her watch, during a trial and even in jail on recorded phone calls, how did no one see that she was incapable as the armorer?
Published 5:29 AM EDT, Mon April 15, 2024

‘Rust’ movie armorer convicted of involuntary manslaughter to be sentenced today​

I am gonna say, if she gets probation, she is gonna end up in prison anyway. Count on it. Her attitude needs a major adjustment.

Paris Hilton said that going to jail was a pivotal moment in her life, when she broke probation and was sentenced to jail.
Ha! Morrissey’s only argument for the max sentence are the jail calls! Arrogance, as always, foils these remorseless people. Had she shown some restraint on her jail calls. Morrissey may have shown mercy. JMO
Can’t wait to hear how Bowels is going to explain the jail calls and make excuses. He’s got a tough job ahead. Asking for probation after those jail calls - what a joke? I wonder if her mom will speak.
She's representing HH's family in a lawsuit against AB and Rust producers.
I thought that was settled? It looks like HH’s husband is not going to give an impact statement. I wonder if that’s due to the civil settlement.

Edited to add - Oh Allred is giving a statement on behalf of HH’s parents and sister.
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