"happy Birthday Jonbenet" 8/6

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    I'm thinking you would have been like my own 14'yr old...getting excited about starting the "9th" grade---oh my god "junior high"...oh yeah!...rest in peace precious one and pray for us as we pray for you xxxooo!!! :HappyBday
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    ...with love...

    There is a website, http://www.findagrave.com/cemeteries/1198.html, that displays various grave sites of prominent people. Among the various photos exhibited at this website are picture of both JonBenet's grave and her older step-sister's grave. Below JonBenet's photo, an email address was(is)listed: ramsey@nym.alias.net.

    The pictures first arrived to the "Find a Grave" website on October 29, 1998. They were sent from the email address: ramsey080690@hotmail.com. The anonymous email address: ramsey@nym.alias.net was also signed at the bottom of the email.

    As people became aware of the pictures, they began emailing the website. Some people received a response; others didn't. This I found curious. After all, why were some people getting email back and others not? I emailed the website on several occasions and did not receive a response. I have not been able to come up with a good count of how many did, in fact, email the site, but it appears that LW was selective with who she chose to reply to. Again, why? Certainly if a well-wisher had put up those photos of JonBenet and someone emailed them and said that this was a nice gesture, a thank you response would be polite. However, that did not happen.

    On April 19, 1999, a post appeared on the Yahoo JonBenet Ramsey message board:
    Gravesite on the WWW
    by: CHEESYinWisconsin
    (45/Very immature for my age)
    4/19/99 11:10 am
    Msg: 23685 of 97518
    i emailed the "friend of the Ramsey's" who posted that website, BadSusie. Here is what I asked:

    I am curious about someone who would put JonBenet's gravesite picture on the WWW and claim to be a friend of the Ramsey's.

    Who are you and what is your relation to the Ramsey's, if I may ask?
    XXXX X.
    what a sick thing to do, I think!!

    CHEESYinWisconsin (Cheesy) was the first person to receive email from LW that I know of. She sent the initial correspondence (above). Incredibly, her correspondence with LW went on from this first letter sent on April 19, 1999 until November 11, 1999 when LW abruptly ended all email correspondence -- stating that for "security reasons" the correspondence had to end. This penpal relationship went on just short of seven months. To view those letters: http://jbr_subculture.tripod.com/CheesyMay1999.htm

    Through the grapevine, other people heard about Cheesy's correspondence with LW, sent their first letter and bingo, a reply. Gsquared/Closer2/Secret was one of those people. She began her correspondence with LW on May 4, 1999. As with Cheesy, correspondence abruptly stopped on November 11, 1999. To view those letters: http://jonbenet_ramsey.tripod.com GsquaredCollection1999.htm

    There were a few others who corresponded with LW -- TwoPlusTwo, Mame, Carol McKinley and very briefly, Michael Tracey. (Please note that three of the four names were associated with the media in some way.) However, aside from the two letters that TwoPlusTwo posted at the Webbsleuths JBR forum and those that reside in the Patricia collection on ACandyRose's website to and from Cheesy, Gsquared, Mr. Tracey and Ms. McKinley, I have not had the opportunity to view the additional correspondence.

    This, however, was not the only account that LW used to send correspondence. For a short time, she used axd@valise.com. I performed a domain trace on this address and it appears that it originates from Raleigh, North Carolina. I also emailed this address on June 8, 2000. To my surprise, my mail was not returned. Won't LW be surprised to be hearing from me.

    :bang: ;) :blowkiss:

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