"HARD CANDY" who has seen this movie?

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    THE WOODSMAN is a great movie, with a brilliant performance by Kevin Bacon. (To me, to be "great" a film has to take me someplace I haven't been before. THE WOODSMAN's willingness to show the pedophile's p.o.v. means it has gone somewhere I haven't gone in my own mind.)

    HARD CANDY--which to be fair also stars Patrick Wilson--is more a melodrama, not bad but not really of the quality of WOODSMAN. As someone pointed out above, it plays to our natural feelings about how pedophiles should be treated, even if in real life we wouldn't approve of vigilante justice. It also "feels" like it was based on stage play, even though I'm too lazy to look up whether it was. And I didn't really believe that by applying an icepack, she could convince him of something that wasn't really happening. (I'm trying to careful about spoilers here.) I also didn't believe the climax of the picture; IIRC, she still had far less than "proof beyond reasonable doubt".

    ETA Oops! I posted the same, damn thing five years ago! Well, at least my opinion is consistent. Sorry about that.
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