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Apr 2, 2008
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Jarred Harrell: The Early Years

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http://dailyme.com/story/2010021300002561/ex-stepfather-harrell-possessed-child-*advertiser censored*-teen-.html

October 1979: Harold Harrell and Annis Mizelle marry

May 1980: SH born in Lucedale to Annis and Harold Harrell.

July 1985: Jarred Harrell born in Lucedale to Annis and Harold Harrell.

1986: Harold and Annis divorce and the she has custody of Jarred and S.; she had affair with Joseph Newman.

February 1989: Joseph Newman announces his spiritual marriage to Annis and her then 8 year old daughter.

September 1989: Joseph Newman and Annis Harrell marry.

1989: Court hearing custody given to Harold Harrell. S. goes to her father; Jarred goes to maternal grandmother (for one year?), then later to his dad Harold.

1990: Estimated date. Annis and Joseph Newman divorce. Annis divorced Newman and tried to get her children back, though a judge called her attempts manipulative and refused. But in 1993 about five years after Harrell got the children, he gave them back.

1990: Annis married Richard Wharton and they lived in Lucedale for a period of time (Annis had earlier remarried and left town before returning some time later. “I’m not proud of what I did,” said Wharton, 65, who was married to Harrell’s mother for 15 years before divorcing in 2005. http://dailyme.com/story/2010021300002561/ex-stepfather-harrell-possessed-child-*advertiser censored*-teen-.html

1993: Jarred and S. returned to their mother. Harold loses touch with the children. “You know how kids are; they want to be with their momma,” Harrell said. http://jacksonville.com/community/clay/2010-02-18/story/man_of_interest_in_somer_thompson_slaying_had_bizarre_upbringing

1996: Goes to live with mom Annis and stepdad, Richard Wharton in Lucedale.

May 10, 1996: GLD Sr. (not Jarred's stepfather, but would have been his stepgrandfather) and his second wife H. purchase the house at 1152 Gano. http://www.qpublic.net/cgi-bin/clay_display.cgi?KEY=08-04-26-019981-000-00


2002: Jarred Harrell's stepfather, Richard Wharton, found child *advertiser censored* in Jarred's room, hidden in box. http://dailyme.com/story/2010021300002561/ex-stepfather-harrell-possessed-child-*advertiser censored*-teen-.html

2003: Annis is summoned to court in Lucedale because Harold sought to stop paying child support. Jarred was now 18, his sister 23. Harold stays in touch with S. but only sees Jarred two more times – once in Walmart and once at the birth of his niece. Jarred does not speak to Harold either time, but turns away.

June 9, 2003: GLD II divorces LPD (mother of GJD and GTD, minor children).

March 1, 2005: Annis divorces Richard Warton. https://showcase.duvalclerk.com/ViewCaseDetails.aspx?id=8773290&court=0

April 12, 2005: GLD Sr. dies. http://jacksonville.com/tu-online/obituaries/archives/1000_14_April_2005.shtml#DAILEY%20General

June 6, 2005: Annis Louise Wharton marries GLD II. http://www.duvalclerk.com/oncoreweb/showdetails.aspx?id=4122765&rn=0%CF%80=0&ref=search and http://www.duvalclerk.com/oncoreweb/showdetails.aspx?id=6838170&rn=4&pi=0&ref=search

March 5, 2007: GLD II purchases the house at 1152 from his stepmother H. http://www.qpublic.net/cgi-bin/clay_display.cgi?KEY=08-04-26-019981-000-00

March-June 2009: Theory. Lives with sister S. at Rolling River house.

June 2009: Estimated date. Moves to apartment on Wells.

August 4, 2009: Kicked out of apartment by roommates. Not sure where he moves. Possibly back to 1152.

October 5-23, 2009: Living at Gano house. (Annis and the GLD II and minor boys moved to Callahan, FL, on October 5 (approximately).

December 1, 2009: Jarred moves out of house at 1152. http://www.firstcoastnews.com/news/news-article.aspx?storyid=152561 (~page 5 of comments) sheeshisamoron wrote: noexistanz, Harell moved into the house on gano ave in august and he moved out december 1 of 09. I saw the fat *advertiser censored** move out that day because it was the same day i moved out of the neighborhood. I can only assume he moved to mississippi at that time. (Note: At this point, he may have moved to Callahan with his mom, stepfather, and stepbrothers. According to the aunt and other family, he moved to Meridian, MS, about 3 weeks before his arrest, estimated at January 22, 2010.)


January 22, 2010: Moves to Meridian, Mississippi with his maternal aunt, Kriss Mizelle.

February 11, 2010: Jarred Harrell arrested in Meridian, MS, on 29 child *advertiser censored* charges. Additional charges filed on February 24 and March 9. Harrell pleads innocent to all 55 charges against him at his court appearance on March 10. Next court date set for April 8.

For newer entries, see the time line at [ame="http://websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?t=99843"]Timeline - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community[/ame]

Marriages in red above. Divorces in blue.


Aug 17, 2008
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Harrell's parents' divorce and Harrell's custody document:


* Document is large and takes a bit to load.

Related article and video here:

Exclusive: New, bizarre details in Jarred Harrell's childhood
Updated 2/26 8:08 pm


A search of several regional newspapers and You Tube.com shows Harrell's stepfather, Joseph Newman, was a guest on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Newman was an inventor and one of his inventions brought him national attention. He was also on CNN and written about in Time magazine.

Action News' Kristen Cosby traveled to Harrell's hometown of Lucedale, Mississippi a few weeks ago. That is also where Harrell was raised by Newman in the late 1980's. Cosby uncovered Harrell's parents divorce documents in Lucedale. Those documents showed Harrell and his sister were put in the custody of child welfare after Newman "married" Harrell's sister.

The documents show Newman "spiritually married" Harrell's mom after legally marrying his first wife, Ellen. Later, Harrell's mom legally married Newman. Before that, court papers show Newman announced to the world he "married" Harrel's eight-year-old sister.


One article from the "Mobile Press Register" quotes Newman talking about when he will consummate the marriage with the girl. He says it is "her business, my business and God's business."

The Clarion Ledger out of Jackson, Mississippi talked with Harrel's mom back in 1989. It said: "Asked if she would mind having her daughter's children fathered by Newman, {She} said. 'I wouldn't think it's something I've thought about, but its nothing I have a problem with.'"


Aug 17, 2008
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More articles talk about Harrell's bizarre childhood

Last Update: 3/02 2:00 pm

We learned just why his parents were in court. According to documents, the state removed Jarred Harrell and his older sister from their mom's home. The paperwork says this happened after the step father "married" Harrell's 8-year-old sister.

Action News also uncovered video that Newman posted of himself on You Tube with his first wife. Newman was a well known inventor in his day, even appearing on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

Newman also claimed to be a "messenger of God." He still does on the internet today.

The latest articles found by Action News give us more details into Harrell's childhood with Newman. One article talked about northern lights seen in Lucedale. Newman, said the natural phenomenon in the sky was because "God was angry" the Harrell kids were taken out of his home.

In another article, Harrell's mom said her daughter understood the marriage with Newman saying "she loves him and she is committed to him."