Harvard's prestigious debate team loses to New York prison inmates

Discussion in 'Up to the Minute' started by Montjoy, Oct 9, 2015.

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    "Prisoners participating in Bard College initiative to provide them a liberal arts education beat Ivy League students who won national title only months ago"


    Big ups for Bard College, an institution that has always been a lion that does more than roar. And for the debaters on both sides.

    This is a lovely story, and a counterpoint to the thesis that prisons are strictly punitive. Mind you, I think this is an exception rather than an indication of a rule. Regardless, this is an event and process that deserves a salute.
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    Thanks for posting this great story! Bard's program has an exceptionally impressive record of success. Only 2% of inmates who have participated reoffend and return to prison?! Wow.

    Love that the same inmate debate team has also beaten the best and the brightest from West Point.
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    Thanks for sharing this article. I heard it on the news and it is encouraging to read about.

    Programs like this I do think helps quite a few prisoners. Give them hope and give them something to feel like they accomplish goals while there.

    I think one area we can greatly improve on is upon release. Some have no place to go and people on the outside are somewhat afraid of them so even relatives and others are not always opening doors to the prisoners.

    I think its a huge area where money could be invested to make sure once they are released they have a fighting chance to succeed on the outside without returning to old ways.

    I feel that a lot of prisoners really don't want to go back to their old ways but due to lack of job opportunity and lack of place to stay and other reasons they fall right back into their old ways. But I don't think they really want to. Some do but I am willing to bet a good percentage really want to go on right path and cannot due to reasons like mentioned.

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