He did it for love but could not melt a policeman's heart

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    A Bakersfield thief saw baskets brimming with stuffed animals, silk-petaled roses and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate displayed in a store window.

    Moved, perhaps, by tender feelings that could not wait for morning, he smashed the window at 3:58 a.m., and ran off with three of the Valentine specials — worth about $110, said Detective Mary DeGeare.

    His arms full of romance, he ran to his sweetheart's house, leaving a trail of goodies — a teddy bear dropped here, a few flowers down the road, and a telltale red silk rose on the porch of a house just around the corner from the store.

    Another person who was just around the corner was Officer Damacio Diaz, who heard the alarm that sounded when the window was smashed.

    Diaz followed the goodies, knocked on the door, and found 20-year old Fred Frank Germain IV in the bedroom with the baskets.

    The woman told Diaz that Germain had just come into her home, saying, "Babe, I love you. I did what I had to do because I love you," police said.

    Story from USA Today
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