Hearses Lead Anti-Violence Motorcade

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    Hearses to lead anti-violence motorcade in Detroit

    Traveling through downtown streets Sunday

    Published On: Jan 18 2012 05:47:49 AM EST


    January 23, 2012 at 1:00 am

    Rally calls for end to violence in Detroit

    More than 100 join motorcade of hearses in message for peace

    By Mark Hicks
    The Detroit News

    Detroit — Margie Radney said she's fed up with the amount of crime and violence she has seen in the city.

    The longtime west-side resident has heard of a recent murder in her neighborhood and regularly hears about break-ins.

    She believes a unified approach between community residents, law enforcement and others would improve the city and help her feel safer.

    "People are tired," Radney said. "It's sad. You can't sleep at night"...

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