Heckling fan makes putt

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    'It was wild!' Fan drains pressure putt after taunting Ryder Cup pros

    By Jason Kurtz, CNN

    Updated 7:15 PM ET, Fri September 30, 2016

    (CNN)It was a knee-knocking, pressure putt to rival any seen on the PGA Tour.

    No, there wasn't a major championship on the line, nor a seven-figure payout. But when David Johnson stood over the dimpled white ball weighing less than two ounces, he knew his short game was being called upon to answer for his big mouth.

    Just moments earlier, Johnson loitered behind the ropes during a Ryder Cup practice session on Thursday, taunting a few of the world's best golfers as they failed to solve putts of their own...

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    Too funny! Thanks Bette!

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