Helicopter in Iranian president's convoy crashes, 19 May '24

I wonder if it was just a mistaken report? Or maybe some kind of cellphone or transponder ping was detected? Imo.
Yes, I think it was misreporting. Later it was reported they received signals, likely pings.
I even think the passengers and crew were not even fully aware of the impending crash.
I remember in the Kobe crash, there was discussion among pilots in an aviation forum that the pilot should have immediately risen upwards once in the fog.
I remember in the Kobe crash, there was discussion among pilots in an aviation forum that the pilot should have immediately risen upwards once in the fog.
I believe that Kobe's pilot did that after the alert flight controller saw the danger and ordered him to climb immediately.
But.... the pilot had lost situational awareness, and climbed into a lazy loop that resulted in a crash.

As a side note, the "sounds straight forward- but harder to actually do" concept with instrument flying causes a steady number of fatalities where pilots who received say, a training or orientation course on the technique then try to do it "in the wild" with fatal results.

Kobe's pilot had received training in the techniques. But...had never truly used them in practice. Though I imagine that the Iranian pilot had actual practice, even the best trained pilots can still make mistakes.

For example, this Japanese air force pilot had some of the absolute best training available and the most sophisticated air plane on the planet. Yet, when ordered to return to base in the fog after disorienting "dog fight" training, he still made an orientation mistake and flew into the ocean.

From the BBC’s coverage of this event: “Hard landing is a phrase often used by authorities in Russia to describe incidents when aircraft crash. It is commonly used by the Russian Defence Ministry when reporting incidents with military aircraft.
Thanks for the good information. Its interesting to see that the term is used differently in Russia. As a side note, Russia and Iran are long time friends. So, perhaps Iranian pilots use Russian terms as well?

Meanwhile, US pilots use the term "hard landing" to describe a form of controlled crash- that can still have fatalities, but often has leaves some, or all survivors. For example:
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Can't say I feel bad for this man. He was a brutal tyrant, sponsored terrorism, and was even known as the Butcher of Tehran for mass killing Iranian prisoners. If you want people to remember you fondly, don't be a horrible person when you're alive.

"Iran’s hardline former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has registered to run for president in the country’s June 28 election, organized after the death of Ebrahim Raisi in a helicopter crash last month, Iran’s state television reported on Sunday.

However he could be barred from the race: the country’s cleric-led Guardian Council will vet candidates, and publish the list of qualified ones on June 11."

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