Help Todd Matthews resolve cases of the Missing, Murdered and Unidentified

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    Help our real life Cyber Sleuth Todd Matthews resolve case of the Missing, murdered and Unidentified.

    The National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) went online with the Unidentified Decedent Reporting System (UDRS) mid 2007. Since then extensive efforts have been made to get all onboard.

    It is now possible to generate county links to the UID's on the NamUs/UDRS database. Its as simple as going to the NamUs UDRS website help area and selecting the desired state and county from the drop down lists. The code is generated immediately and a direct link to all local cases is created and ready to copy and paste onto any Web site.

    This service is ideal for local newspapers to add to their links page so readers can locate direct links to local cases listed on UDRS. It is, in essence, a local portal to the national system.

    Another goal is for county governments, law enforcement and non profits to add the local level portal to their homepages.

    Can you get your local entities to add the proper UDRS generated link to their local homepage?

    We are currently gearing up for the official launch of the missing persons side of NamUs. The more links created, the better the chance for a speedy resolution to a missing and unidentified case.

    A similar code, specific to the missing, is also planned.
    Please forward this information to everyone you think can help spead the word and literally open as many doors as possible to this vital system.
    If you have any information on the topics I post, then please leave me a comment, email me at or call my Tip Line at 206-279-9993.
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