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    How could I go about locating a POI in a murder when the only details I have is a first name, age, and town where they lived in 1991? The name is unusual, so they’d be easy to confirm with the correct record.

    I was thinking of checking high school registrar records for that town, but I’m not sure how to get a hold of them. Does anyone know if they are public? Or, how I may post the question to that town specifically? This is vague, I know, so my apologies. I just don’t know where else to turn. TYIA!!

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    Old genealogist here. This sort of thing turns up for genealogists sometimes with brides -- all we have is her first name and the location at some particular point in time with precious little else.

    There is a newspaper archive for each state, usually at a university. A local newspaper is probably held there, you may find your individual in a group picture or the like. Be flexible & tenacious, read the bowling column, read the obituaries, read the church reports, read everything.

    Check with the genealogical society & historical society for the area. Other people like me know what is happening, and has happened, in the area.

    Go to the US GenWeb page for the county, lots of information there:

    USGenWeb Project - Always Free

    If you could tell us a bit more....

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