High School Prom Souveniers ~ Shot Glasses and Champagne Flutes not the best choice

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    For a dozen years, Ohio Township police have offered anti-drug and anti-alcohol programs in Avonworth schools.

    Two weeks ago, they staged a mock crash scene to emphasize the hazards of underage drinking, especially during the prom.

    So if Ohio Township Police Chief Norbert Micklos had been choosing keepsakes for last week's high school prom, he wouldn't have chosen shot glasses and champagne flutes.

    "I don't think it's the brightest thing," said Micklos. "It wouldn't have been my choice."

    But it was the choice of students at Avonworth Senior High School -- shot glasses for the boys and champagne flutes for the girls, imprinted with the date of the prom.

    Avonworth parent Gloria Newman noticed one of the glasses in her daughter's room on the morning after the prom.

    "They spent the whole week making children aware of the dangers of alcohol," said Newman. "Then this contradictory message came through in the party favors."

    Other schools steer away from prom favors like Avonworth's.

    Prom-goers from Fox Chapel Area High School this year received floppy Caribbean hats, in keeping with the Caribbean carnival theme.

    Those at West Mifflin High School received white T-shirts with blue lettering on the backs saying: "End of the Road Prom 2004."

    The Mt. Lebanon High School prom tonight will offer gold party bags filled with candy, glow sticks and play money for Monte Carlo activities at the all-night event.

    Penn Hills High School prom-goers received picture frames sized for their prom photos, although variations of glasses -- but "nothing like a shot glass" -- have been used as homecoming souvenirs, said Principal Richard Kruglak.

    Avonworth Senior High Principal Margaret Boden said that the students and the prom sponsor did not ask her permission and she didn't see the favors until after they had been ordered. If she'd demanded they be returned, she said, she would have taken "just as much flak." She said, "I do understand the mixed message it does send. It was probably not the best choice."

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