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Discussion in 'Long Haul Truckers & Neal Falls' started by vlpate, Nov 22, 2011.

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    Kat913, I have been recently saying the same thing. In the broker freight industry, brokers refer to these as lanes. A freight broker is an intermediary between a shipper who has goods to transport and a carrier who has capacity to move that freight. There are a number of these lanes which run from like you said, pickup load to drop of load. If someone was so inclined they could look up some of these routes and match them to longhaul trucking lanes. Follow me here, if you could match these LANES with where the bodies are being dumped along the interstates you could match these to companies who use these lanes to run their products or goods. The truckers themselves are very habitual just like serial killers, so they stick to routes or LANES they are familiar with. My point is, if you looked these lanes up and matched them to the interstate routes which have been used to drop their victims you could essentially track this killer or killers. Remember, there are a set amount of lanes in this country, (certain number). And you made a statement, "these truckers that kill are not going off their scheduled run. If tracked, they are where they are supposed to be etc. From one point (industrial area etc.; truckstops; to drop off and pick up spots.) No deviation from the path ...." Just a theory, but I have spoke to a friend of mine who is one of these brokers and this theory of mine is anything but a stretch. I am currently waiting to hear back from Michael Harrigan of the FBI in regards to my trucking lane theory.
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    I have been watching the Killing Season again, and got to the episode where the trucker is talking about his group the Netahey. One thing rung with me when he said how he got caught...he killed and/or dumped bodies where he lived.

    I was looking at the FBI Highway serial killings map, and to me it’s a bit suspicious that there are almost no bodies listed on that map in Missouri, and lots in Oklahoma. Feels odd to me.
    I know there are trucking firms everywhere, but there is a pretty good size one headquartered in Springfield MO. Prime Trucking.

    Also there seems to be a lot of girls currently listed as missing persons on MSHP page from Springfield-Joplin and surrounding areas.

    Idk if the two are related in any way, but there is a serious drug problem in Springfield area, which has played into the rapidly increasing murder rate I think 20 in 2018 in a city of 160,000. Looking at all of it I feel like there could possibly be something there. I’m hoping someone else might also take a look and give some of their thoughts on it.
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    "Serial killer the 'Interstate Strangler' - who terrorized the nation's highways murdering up to 52 women in a two decade-long spree - has confessed in a podcast interview to another murder 15 years ago, leading cops to find suspected human bones in Illinois.

    Dellmus 'Heavy' Colvin, 61, claimed last week on the 'Where the Bodies are Buried' podcast that he killed a woman at a truck stop along Interstate 80 outside LaSalle County before dumping her naked body round the back of a now-closed truck wash in Peru.

    A search Wednesday uncovered two small pieces of bone at the alleged burial site which are now being analyzed by forensics to determine if they are human, authorities said.

    Colvin, who bragged that he 'slept great' after his first murder, is currently behind bars in Ohio serving two life sentences after confessing to the murders of seven women."

    More info and photos at the link:

    'Interstate Strangler' serial killer confesses in podcast to another murder leading cops to bones | Daily Mail Online

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