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Freinds describe Bobo as bright and selfless
Holly Bobo would be among the scores of volunteers out searching for someone who is missing, say those who know the nursing student from Decatur County. Instead, it’s the 20-year-old who has been the focus of a search since being reported missing earlier this month.

New areas searched for Holly Bobo
A search for a young nursing student last seen being taken from her rural West Tennessee home resumed Friday after a day of reassessing efforts to find her.
Tennessee Highway Patrol Lt. Brad Wilbanks said Friday that about 500 volunteers were searching a more narrowly defined area after authorities ruled out territory that has been thoroughly examined for any evidence in Holly Lynn Bobo's abduction. The 20-year-old was seen being led away from her home on April 13 by a man wearing camouflage clothing.

Tabitha Tuder's family feels connected to Bobo family
-- A well known family that knows all too well what Holly Bobo's family is going through is helping in the Bobo case. The sister of Tabitha Tuders, who went missing eight years ago, is now helping search for the nursing student.
Next Friday will be exactly eight years since 13-year-old Tabitha Tuders went missing from her East Nashville school bus stop. Now she would be 21-years-old, and her parents still believe she will come home. They want the Bobo family to keep the same faith.
Local Terrain to be completely covered in search for Bobo
More than a week has passed since Holly Bobo disappeared, yet the desperate search continued Saturday for the missing Decatur County nursing student.
Volunteers are out looking for Holly Bobo who's been missing since April 13th. The 20-year-old was last seen being led away from her home by a man wearing camouflage. Searchers hope to have the entire local area searched by Sunday evening.
Volunteers press on in search for Holly Bobo
Volunteers No. 157 and 158, Brittany Twyman, of Nashville, and Jenica Coleman, of Murfreesboro, boarded a van Saturday afternoon to help in the search for 20-year-old nursing student Holly Bobo.
The 24-year-olds have been friends since childhood and decided to help in the search and rescue efforts since they are in their hometown for the Easter weekend.

Sunrise Easter service held for Holly Bobo
The family of a missing Decatur County woman is praying for a miracle this Easter Sunday.
Item found in search for Holly Bobo
A group of volunteers walking along U.S. 641/Tenn. 69 today found an item near 100 Eaton St. as searchers combed the terrain in northern Decatur County on foot in the hunt for missing nursing student Holly Bobo.

Items that belong to Holly Bobo found
Searchers have found some items that belong to Holly Bobo, the nursing student abducted from her home by a man wearing full hunting camouflage, investigators said today.
Bobo, 20, was taken Wednesday morning and despite a massive search, hasn’t been seen since. Tennessee Bureau of Investigation officials confirmed that some of her belongings were discovered Thursday night but would not say what they were.

Holly Bobo: New item found, search intensifies; message from mom
On Easter Sunday a “significant” item has been recovered by volunteers in the past 12 hours in the search for Parsons, Tennessee missing nursing student, Holly Bobo.
For the integrity of the investigation, authorities are not disclosing what the item is at this time.
WBBJ-TV News Anchor Will Nunley tweeted Sunday afternoon that according to dispatch, Decatur County rescue squad and volunteer firefighters just dispatched a specialized foot search.
Authorities have not assembled many new searches this late in the day, Nunley said.

Holly Bobo search: Police make significant find
Volunteers searching for Holly Bobo, the Tennessee woman who was snatched from her home and led into the woods by a camouflage-wearing stranger, found a "significant" item, the Decatur County sheriff said.
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New leads propel search for Bobo
Strong leads prompt continued search efforts for Holly Bobo, a missing 20-year-old nursing student, through Easter Sunday and into today.
Decatur County Sheriff Roy Wyatt said a lead discovered Saturday evening or Sunday morning fueled the northern Decatur County search, which would continue for another day.

More evidence in search for Holly Bobo
Volunteers who are searching for Holly Bobo have found a "significant" piece of evidence. However, investigators will not release what this piece of evidence is, claiming it would ruin the integrity of the investigation. What could this bit of evidence be, and why would it harm the investigation if it was known that it was found?
This brings a wide array of ideas to one's head about what could have happened to 20-year-old Holly Bobo, who has been missing since April 13th of this year. For more than a week, volunteers and investigators have combed the heavily wooded east-central Tennessee forest in search of anything that can lead to clues about her disappearance.

Significant item recovered in Holly Bobo search
The search for missing nursing student Holly Bobo will continue Monday morning.
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'Significant' item reportedly found in search for Holly Bobo
Authorities are reportedly examining a "significant" piece of evidence in their hunt for a 20-year-old nursing student abducted outside her rural Tennessee home nearly two weeks ago.
Holly Bobo, of Parsons, Tenn., was last seen being led into the woods outside her home by a man dressed in camouflage.
Stormy weather to delay search as hunt for Holly Bobo continues
Law enforcement officials are asking volunteers to hold off in their search for Holly Bobo until a severe weather system leaves the area this week.
Volunteers are being asked to return to Decatur County Thursday if the 20-year-old missing nursing student is not found by then. Severe storms expected to be in the area today and tomorrow will keep volunteers from looking for Bobo.
"We don't want to put (the volunteers) at risk," said Tennessee Highway Patrol Lt. Brad Wilbanks, "Law enforcement will still be around to respond to anything we find as it comes up."

Search for Holly Bobo focuses on suspect
The search for Holly Bobo may focus more intently on finding a suspect related to the young woman's disappearance, according to TBI spokesperson Kristen Helms.
When asked if she [Helms] believed that investigators were closer to finding Bobo this week than in the previous week, Helms stated that the investigation has "become more narrowed" and that officials are intently focusing more on finding a potential suspect in the 20 year old's disappearance.
The Bureau is still actively seeking information from anyone in the community or region that will bring them closer to finding Holly Bobo, or the person responsible for her disappearance.

Investigation narrowed in search for Holly Bobo
The investigation into the abduction of a nursing student has a narrowed focus, but no one is yet being identified as a suspect.
Tennessee Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Kristin Helm said the agency is in the process of identifying people of interest in the disappearance of Holly Bobo, 20.
Helm said many possibilities have been ruled out.
Officials decline to release blood analysis results in Holly Bobo abduction
Decatur County and Tennessee Bureau of Investigation officials said analysis has been done on blood found near the residence of Holly Bobo, a 20-year-old abducted nursing student, but they have declined to release the results of the analysis.

Storms don't stop Holly Bobo search
Law enforcement spent Tuesday following leads in the search for Holly Lynn Bobo.
Due to the threat of severe weather, authorities suspended the search by volunteers Tuesday and will remain the only ones searching for Bobo at least through today.
The focus of the search continues to be on the northern end of Decatur County where volunteers recovered an item on Sunday.
Law enforcement continues to run down any tips that come in, Decatur County Sheriff Roy Wyatt said Tuesday evening.
Officials stop using citizens in search for Holly Bobo
With some flooded roads and water levels rising, law enforcement authorities have decided to suspend the use of volunteers to help look for Holly Bobo.

Weather slows search for missing Tennessee woman
Weather has slowed the search for a missing Tennessee nursing student who may have been abducted on April 13.
The search for Holly Bobo, 20, was called off Tuesday and Wednesday due to the violent weather that swept through the South. Thursday, the Decatur County Emergency Management Agency, which has taken a lead role in the search for the young woman, is focusing on flooded roadways and other damage.
Holly Bobo Abduction: Police presence in Henderson County
A local witness reported seeing a “substantial law-enforcement” presence in Henderson County, Tennessee, presumably related to the abduction of Holly Bobo from nearby Decatur County over two weeks ago.
Local News Anchor Will Nunley tweeted Saturday morning saying a witness reported a substantial law enforcement-led search is underway in Henderson County.

Holly Bobo search lead investigators to Henderson County
Holly Bobo was allegedly abducted from her home on April 13, 2011 with her brother, Clint Bobo, as the only witness to last see her before her disappearance. Although the mainstream media outlets aren't keeping people up-to-date with the details, there are some updates in the case—even if they are confusing and suspicious.
More than 50 officers search for Holly Bobo
Law enforcement agencies used 50 to 75 officers in the cross-county search for Holly Bobo, a missing Decatur County nursing student, on Saturday, said John Mehr, special agent in charge with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation in Jackson.
Holly Bobo still missing and secrecy fuels rumors
Holly Bobo, a 20-year-old nursing student from Darden, Tennessee, has been missing for close to a month now, and no real evidence has been shared by investigators. Her brother, Clint Bobo, 25, claims to be the last person to see the girl before she was allegedly led away from their property by a man clothed in camouflage hunting gear.

Search for Holly Bobo continues
Law enforcement agencies on Monday continued their investigation of the disappearance of Holly Bobo, a missing Decatur County nursing student.
Authorities didn't search Monday but followed up on leads in the case, said John Mehr, special agent in charge of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation in Jackson.

Family of Holly Bobo releases statement of thanks for search efforts
The family of Holly Bobo released a statement today, thanking everyone for the kindness shown to the family during the search for the missing nursing student.
Missing Tennessee student's family asks public to search property
The family of a missing nursing student who police believe was abducted by a man dressed in camouflage is pleading with people to search their property in an effort to find her.
The family released the plea in a statement sent to the media Tuesday, nearly three weeks after Holly Bobo's April 13 disappearance.
"Please continue to pray for Holly's safe return," the statement said. "Keep your eyes and ears open, and search your own property."

Big city crime comes to small community
Locals, distraught over the abduction of 20-year-old Holly Bobo from their small community of Decatur County nearly three weeks ago say that in addition to the pain, sorrow, and adversity their community has experienced over the past couple of years, they are now facing the reality that big-city crime has made its way to their small, tight-knit community.

Holly Bobo's family pleads for continued searches
The family of Holly Bobo has issued a plea for volunteers to continue searching for the missing 20-year-old nursing student.
Still searching for Holly
The search is ongoing for missing nursing student Holly Bobo despite a halt to an organized volunteer effort.
Severe weather early last week interrupted search efforts by volunteers who at times turned out in the thousands to look for the 20-year-old Bobo. Continued foul weather and flooding concerns further hampered the search.

Wednesday marks 3 weeks since Holly Bobo disappeared
It was 3 weeks ago Wednesday that 20-year-old Holly Bobo disappeared. She was last seen by her brother on April 13 being led into the woods by a still unidentified man near their Decatur County home.
Family of Holly Bobo thanks volunteers, urges continued search
Holly Bobo's family released a statement to local newspapers.
Family and friends still want to look for the missing nursing student despite the end of organized volunteer efforts.
TBI updated the description of the man who led Holly away three weeks ago.
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Community prays for Holly Bobo's return on day of prayer
More than three weeks after Holly Bobo's disappearance, folks in Decatur County marked the National Day of Prayer to pray for her safe return.

Holly Bobo abduction 3 week wraps up; 'we're not giving up on Holly'
Three weeks ago Wednesday, 20-year-old Holly Bobo was abducted from outside her Darden, Tennessee home; her family and community are pleading for her safe return, and are not giving up on searching for Holly.

Prayer events held for Holly Bobo
Thursday is National Day of Prayer, and missing woman Holly Bobo's friends and family held several events to pray for her return.
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Holly Bobo rumors unleashed by amateur media
Holly Bobo, 20, has been missing since April 13, 2011. Her brother, Clint Bobo, 25, is the last person claiming to have seen her before her disappearance. Since her disappearance over three weeks ago, a myriad of leads, theories, and downright rumors have been circulating about the girl's disappearance, as well as who or what may have happened.

Search for Holly Bobo continues
Investigators continue to search for 20-year-old nursing student Holly Bobo, who was abducted from her Darden home on April 13.
Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Special Agent in Charge John Mehr said there were no new developments in the case on Thursday.

Holly Bobo remains to be found as case appears to go cold
Holly Bobo, who has been missing since April 13th, is a 20-year-old nursing student from Darden, Tennessee. Her brother claims a man in camouflage hunting gear led her into the woods. Clint Bobo, Holly's brother, hasn't made any public comments since her disappearance.
Holly Bobo disappeared three weeks ago, and what began as a hot case with a lot of clues and evidence has quickly simmered into a quickly cold growing case. Where is Holly and what happened to her?
Search for Holly Bobo continues on Mother's Day
The search for Holly Bobo will continue today as investigators with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation sift through clues. Holly, a 20-year old nursing student from Darden, Tennessee, has been missing for over three weeks now. She was allegedly led from her home, surrounded by dense woodland, by a man dressed in camouflage.
It's Mother's Day, and while most people will be spending time honoring their mothers, investigators surrounding Darden and Parsons will be ramping up the search for the missing college student. Decatur County Sheriff, Roy Wyatt, said that searches will be increased as they check on leads that are coming in to them.

Holly Bobo facts and fiction
Holly Bobo has been missing for about a month now from her Darden, Tennessee home. The case is a mysterious one, with investigators releasing hardly anything to the public. Because of this lack of information, the imaginations of bloggers and discussion-board members have run amok.
What are the facts versus the fiction in the case of the Holly Bobo disappearance? Well, for one thing, the photos that are being published of some of the "who's who" in the case are being misrepresented.
New find in Holly Bobo disappearance
Holly Bobo, the 20-year-old nursing student led from her home on April 13th, is still missing as of 5/10/2011. Very little evidence has been found in the case since Easter weekend, until today.
The Holly Bobo Search and Rescue Team is a collective of private searchers as well as law enforcement officials in the Decatur County area. They report on their verified Facebook page that a new item has been found in the search for Holly Bobo. This item, a hotel key card, was found in the vicinity of another significant item. The significant item, still unnamed, is the one that was found on Easter weekend, allegedly.

Search for clues continues four weeks after Bobo disappearance
Four weeks after Tennessee nursing student Holly Bobo disappeared, investigators continue to receive leads from the public, officials said on Wednesday.
"We have lots of positive leads," says John Mehr, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation special agent. "That's the key. We ask people to continue giving us information. We hope we will have a positive ending to this."

Still no sign of Holly Bobo four weeks later
It's been four weeks since Holly Bobo disappeared and there's still no sign of her.
Organized searches by volunteers have stopped, but the TBI and FBI said they're still working the case.
Bobo's family hasn't given up hope that she'll be found alive.
Parents of Holly Bobo sought help from a psychic
With Holly Bobo missing for over a month now, not only are people around the nation nervous about the girl's condition, but her parents are apparently desperate as well. It's been shared by a world-renowned psychic that the family of Holly Bobo has contacted her for her assistance.

Investigators close to cracking Holly Bobo case
Traces of Holly Bobo are everywhere in Parsons, Tenn. Her picture is posted all over town, as are pink ribbons: a reminder that she's still missing.
Video: Investigators Close To Holly Bobo Discovery

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