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Psychic claims Holly Bobo family reached out for help
Psychic Carla Baron gained national attention on the cable television show "Haunting Evidence" and said she felt an immediate connection to the disappearance case of 20-year-old Holly Bobo.
"As soon as I saw here eyes in a picture, as soon as I saw Holly's eyes, I knew," said Baron during a phone interview with Action News 5 from her California home.
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Psychic interviewed about Holly Bobo involvement
Since Holly Bobo disappeared in mid-April, investigators and volunteer searchers have exhausted plenty of avenues in turning up clues. This includes the Bobo family's alleged request for help to psychic profiler, Carla Baron. Sure, it seems like hocus-pocus to some locals and non-locals alike, but consider this:
Would you turn down help from someone who has more than a decade of experience in criminology and missing persons cases, after a month of no clues?

Holly Bobo still missing one month later
After more than 1,000 leads, there is still no sign of Holly Bobo. Friday marked one month to the day since her disappearance.
The TBI believes she was abducted from the back of her home. TBI agent John Mayer is in charge of the case.
Mayer said people who have good information about April 13 or the day Bobo disappeared are finally beginning to call.
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Holly Bobo puzzle almost solved claim investigators
Holly Bobo remains missing and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation claim to be close to cracking the case. However, their version of "case closed," seems more like a confused derivative of the term. Reason for saying this is because they claim that they're closing in on the case, and are only lacking "one piece to the puzzle."
Holly Bobo walk coincides with Carl Perkins Center Fundraiser
In honor of Holly Bobo, a fundraiser walk was hosted at the Natchez Trace Park yesterday, drawing in hundreds of advocates for child abuse prevention as well as those who have helped search for the missing nursing student. This comes a little over a month after Holly Bobo was allegedly led from her Darden, TN home into the woods.

Church service dedicated to Holly Bobo
Family, friends and community leaders filled the Corinth Baptist Church in Darden for a special church service dedicated to Holly Bobo.

Holly Bobo abduction: 1 month wrap up; 'someone knows something'
Friday marked one month since Holly Bobo's abduction from outside her Darden, Tennessee home – officials say someone, somewhere, knows something that could help bring her home.
A local, who wishes to remain anonymous for the safety of his own children, said, “The focus must be on finding Holly. Everything else is second. Once we find Holly then we can focus on the ‘who, the why, and the how’,"

Holly Bobo abduction anniversary brings conflicting news
Just over one month has elapsed since 20-year-old nursing student Holly Bobo went missing from her Parsons, TN home on April 13, 2011 at 7:30 a.m. CDT.
That somber anniversary has been marked with a fund raising march at Natchez Trace State Park in Wildersville, TN on Saturday, May 14, and a number of headlines that investigators are on the verge of cracking the case, as reported by CBS Crimesider, WSMV-TV Channel 4, WTVF-TV, MSNBC, Reuters, and other news sources published on May 13-14, 2011.
Walkers join in prayer for Bobo
Supporters of missing nursing student Holly Bobo came out to the University of Tennessee Martin Parsons Center Saturday morning for a community-organized prayer walk.

Updates on the Holly Bobo disappearance
Updates in the Holly Bobo case are sparse and lacking in real detail but they are updates nonetheless and people are desperately trying to figure out what happened to her. It appears that while the TBI and family members of Holly Bobo aren't speaking to the media, independent individuals are taking it upon themselves to remember Holly and join in on the search for clues in her disappearance.
Baseball teams wear pink for missing woman
It's been more than 40 days since anyone has seen 20-year-old Holly Bobo, but her neighbors in Decatur County said she crosses their minds every day.
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Search continues for Holly Bobo
At press time on Monday, the search for a missing Decatur County woman—20 year old Holly Bobo—continued.
Thousands of volunteers, including local citizens and officers with the Perry County Sheriff’s Department, have aided in the effort.
TBI says it does not need interference in search for Holly Bobo
West Tennessee law enforcement said Thursday they do not need additional help in the search for missing nursing student Holly Bobo.
No one in Parsons, Tennessee has forgotten Bobo. Her image is everywhere.
"The frustration is not knowing any leads," said resident Haley Horner. "We have nothing. We don't know where she could be."
Pink ribbons to remember Bobo adorn businesses and homes.
Holly Bobo still missing: rumors, psychics hurt search
Next week will mark the two-month anniversary of the disappearance of Holly Bobo, the young nursing student abducted in rural Tennessee. Bobo, 20, was last seen April 13 being led into the woods near her home by a camouflaged individual.
Despite national media coverage, extensive police searches and investigation, and an $80,000 reward, neither Bobo nor her abductor have been found. Police are no longer actively searching for her and have no suspects, though the investigation remains open and ongoing.
Holly Bobo Update: Psychics chime in
Holly Bobo, the Tennessee nursing student who disappeared, has been missing since April 13, 2011. Volunteers have searched the area near and around her home in Tennessee to no avail. Holly has not been found, nor are authorities any closer to determining what happened that day, who was it that took Holly from her home, or if she is dead or alive. Now several psychics are adding their two cents to the mix. When something like this happens, the psychics seem to come out of the woodwork. It is hard to take any of them seriously, but here are two different versions of what happened to Holly. Neither psychic gave their name.

Holly Bobo investigation proves frustrating to TBI
Holly Bobo has been missing for nearly two months now after she was allegedly led from her home in Darden, Tennessee by a man in camouflage. As of today the TBI still haven't cracked the case and it doesn't look like they will any time soon. Although John Mehr claims they are "just one clue away," from solving it; it's more than obvious that these people just don't know what is going on.
Holly Bobo remains missing after 8 weeks
Holly Bobo, a 20-year-old nursing student from Tennessee, has been missing for two months now. She was last seen by her brother, Clint, who claims to have watched her be led into the woods by a man in camouflage. After these eight weeks, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) claims that new leads come in every day regarding the girl's disappearance. However, if leads have come in every day, why hasn't Holly Bobo been found?
Holly Bobo volunteers continue against TBI requests
Holly Bobo disappeared from her home in Darden, Tennessee two months ago and still has not been found. It seems as though the TBI is at a standstill and the case is growing cold. However, volunteers devoted to searching for Holly Bobo are still active in their endeavors. People who know the missing nursing student as well as individuals in different states are touched by this case and people just want the girl to return home, safely.

Decatur Co. woman missing for two months
Monday marks two months since 20-year-old Decatur County resident Holly Bobo went missing.
Holly Bobo disappearance producing more details
Holly Bobo was leaving for nursing classes on the morning of April 13, 2001, and that was the last time she was seen. According to investigators, her brother Clint Bobo is the last person to have seen her. However, it is hard to honestly know what was said since Clint Bobo has not made any public statements to the media. The same can be said about the parents of Holly Bobo, Karen and Dana, who have only made one plea to the public and media for the return of their daughter.

Decatur Co. woman missing for 2 months
Monday marks two months since 20-year-old Decatur County resident Holly Bobo went missing.
Missing 2 months, formal plea for her safe return
Holly Bobo vanished two months ago Monday. To your left are her grieving parents, Dana and Karen Bobo. Just below their photo is their daughter, 20-year-old Holly, who was abducted outside their Darden, Tennessee home on April 13.
These parents need answers. They need their daughter back.

Holly Bobo search at two month mark, called missing person case, not homicide by Tenn. investigators
The investigation into the disappearance of 20-year-old Holly Bobo is still a missing persons case, not a homicide, authorities said, two months after the nursing student was apparently abducted from her central Tennessee home. Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Agent John Mehr also ruled out the possibility that Bobo is a runaway, reports CBS affiliate WREG.
Holly Bobo did not run away from home says TBI
Holly Bobo vanished from her home two months ago, and since then, her disappearance has been wrought with mystery and inconsistency. It appears that mostly rumors fuel the discussions among locals about this girl, but the police are finally putting a stop to some rumors—or are they only making these rumors more prevalent?
TBI claims that they've ruled out any possibility that the 20-year-old nursing student ran away on her own.
Police believe Holly Bobo may still be alive
Two months after Tennessee nursing student Holly Bobo was last seen leaving her rural Decatur County home with an unknown person dressed in camouflage gear on Wednesday, April 13, 2011, investigators are holding out hope that the 20-year-old woman may still be alive, according to reports published on Tuesday, June 14, 2011 by CBS News, WSMV-TV Nashville, WTVF-TV NewsChannel 5, , and other information sources.

Holly Bobo questions and answers
Holly Bobo, a 20-year old nursing student, was allegedly led from her home into the woods by an unknown assailant. After a little over two months, very few details have come from her missing persons case. Because of this, a lot of confusion surrounds the disappearance of Holly Bobo. Amidst the confusion are lies, gossip, and the misconstruction of facts reported by the media and well-meaning at-home bloggers. Very few in the mainstream media and freelance media have reported accurately on the girl's disappearance.
Tennessee woman missing since mid April
Ten weeks ago a young woman, Holly Bobo, vanished from her Tennessee home after a man was seen taking her into the woods.
Her family has been searching almost non-stop for her since then and are still hoping for a happy ending.
"There's a… there's a new normal," Clint Bobo, her brother, said.
For Clint, life has changed drastically since Apr. 13, the day he saw his sister being walked from their Decatur County home by a man wearing camouflage.
She hasn't been seen since.
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Motorcycle ride in Decatur County Saturday to honor young missing woman
A motorcycle ride is scheduled for Saturday in Decatur County in honor of a young missing woman.

Holly Bobo's family asks for answers, prayers
For the first time since Holly Bobo disappeared, the family of the 20-year-old missing nursing student made a plea for answers Thursday.
Karen Bobo wears stickers with her daughter's picture on them. She keeps a photo of Holly Bobo with her.
"Sundays are the hardest days because we were together, our whole family, all day long," said Karen Bobo. "On Sunday we were doing family things."
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