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Homeless and Deaf Man gets generous assistance in finding job and maybe new home

Discussion in 'News that makes you smile!' started by newone, Jun 10, 2014.

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    This story is much needed today.

    Kind souls hearing the plight of a deaf and homeless man who was searching for a job uploaded his resume on a facebook page and voila he now has a new job.

    "Kevin Adams, 38, was randomly handing out his resume in a McPhillips Street parking lot last week, hoping someone could help him find a job.

    That's when he met Jennifer Martens and her husband. The couple took his resume and posted it on Facebook to spread the word"

    People have opened a bank account for him so that ''source funding'' may be available to help him find a place to live as well. He had been living in A Salvation Army shelter for a year.
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