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Honest kids spoil couple's plan to lose wedding rings

Discussion in 'Bizarre and Off-Beat News' started by zwiebel, Jul 23, 2014.

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    Tuscaloosa, Alabama woman Caley Burkett decided to take to the skies with her rings from her failed marriage. She and her new partner, Stiles Blevins, tied them to a helium balloon in a little ceremony marking a final farewell to the old marriage, and waited for them to be gone forever.

    Things didn't start well. They quickly discovered one balloon wasn't enough, and had to buy another. At last though, off they floated - two bright balloons carrying an unwanted engagement and wedding ring that some lucky person would find and keep, while Caley and Stiles stepped joyfully into their ringless future, knowing they'd never see them again.

    The rings went 55 miles before falling in a Winfield field, where two honest kids from the Weeks family found them, and handed them in to police. They immediately started looking for the owners, and media immediately picked up the mysterious story. Caley and Stiles tried in vain through social media to let everyone know they just wanted the rings and the story to go away, but failed.

    Caley eventually came forward to explain and congratulate the Weeks' boys on their honesty, but declined to collect the rings from Winfield Police, who insist they are still there waiting for her.


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    LOL at the irony of life...you know if they had WANTED those rings found, they likely never would be!

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