Hope for cold cases: New technique 'lifts' fingerprints that were wiped away

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    an exciting new investigative tool !!!

    British scientist helps with Georgia cold case - Examiner.com
    "Fingerprint evidence in a double homicide nine years ago in southeast Georgia has been revealed through a technique developed by a British forensic scientist who says his method could help detect latent prints on bullets or terrorist bombs."
    .... snip.... (Bond)" uses an electric charge to detect print fragments left by the faint corrosion produced by sweat on metal. The charge attracts fine powder to the latent print similar to the action of a photocopier on a piece of paper.

    "Kingsland Police Chief Darryl Griffis read about Bond's work and sent a cold-case detective, Christopher King to England with four shell casings found after two auto-title pawn business managers were robbed and fatally shot Dec. 1, 1999. King believes one of the casings revealed enough detail of a fingerprint ridge to provide an identification."

    This article goes on to say traditional latent extraction methods of dusting and fuming had failed on these casings. Dr Bond is averaging a call a day about potential USA cases.

    technical aspects of new procedure:
    "New study will make criminals sweat
    Dr John Bond, a researcher at the University of Leicester, has developed a method that enables scientists to 'visualise fingerprints' even after the print itself has been removed. He and colleagues conducted a study into the way fingerprints can corrode metal surfaces. The technique can enhance – after firing– a fingerprint that has been deposited on a small calibre metal cartridge case before it is fired." ... snip.... goes on to explain how salts excreted through fingertip pores are detected & an
    "indirect link therefore between obesity and the chances of being caught of a crime. "Other research has drawn links between processed foods and obesity and we know that consumers of processed foods will leave better fingerprints," he said. " ... thus the title of the article.

    Fingerprint Breakthrough Hope In US Double Murder Probe

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    We need to take a look at any of our cold cases that might have shell casings included-this is fascinating, thank you!!!

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